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Connected Marketing

With real-time insights into your customer expectations, you can connect and engage with your audience at the right moment with contextual and personalized experiences while building relationships that last.

Would you like more customers? Would you like to engage better with those you already have? Would you like both? With our comprehensive, data-led ecosystem approach we enable your marketing team to positively influence all stages of your customer journey from awareness and consideration to purchase and advocacy.

Connected marketing

Deliver a brand-differentiating customer experience.

“To keep pace with digital customers who are active on multiple channels, it’s important to understand marketing in a comprehensive way. With multichannel marketing, we help you orchestrate resources both inside and outside the company, build alliances with business, data and MarTech vendors, and deliver relevant content at the right time via the right channel.”

Thomas Dmoch, Global Offer Leader Connected Marketing

      What we do

      Can your brand respond to the world around you? Are you able to deliver on your brand promise? Can you connect with your customers in real time?

      Brands must work hard for their customer loyalty and advocacy. Leveraging data is key to creating relevant, targeted marketing strategies and activities, both behind the scenes and customer facing.

      We help you create emotional connections with your customers in a unique way by understanding their expectations with real-time insights and ensuring relevant interactions with your brand.

      We work with your brand team and wider company to define and execute customer-first strategies for segmentation and profiling, campaign activation, marketing automation, data compliance, omnichannel marketing strategy, and marketing ROI.

      With Capgemini, we enable you to align your brand appearance, meaning, and experiences to guarantee future revenues.

      Does your content strategy ensure a consistent brand experience? Can you deliver relevant and timely content to drive meaningful engagement?

      We make your brand look good by creating a consistent brand experience. Always. Everywhere. We help you realize and maximize your content potential, enhancing brand salience, customers conversion, and loyalty through relevant and timely content across all channels and formats.

      Each brand has a unique story to tell – let us help you tell yours. When cultivated correctly, these stories can touch hearts and move markets. We help you unlock this potential by crafting thoughtful and scalable brand, communications, and content strategies, along with purpose-led design to address the goals of communities. You’ll see real improvements in corporate reputation and overall engagement with customers and employees alike.

      Can you deliver relevant and real-time campaigns? Are you able to continuously optimize your campaign performance?

      To win in today’s fast-paced market, business leaders must develop rich, deep relationships with their customers by delivering best-in-class, consistent experiences across multiple touchpoints through personalized activation.
      We activate your marketing to build relationships across every customer touchpoint, beginning with defining a marketing strategy with a focus on personalization.  

      Not only do we design and implement innovative marketing and loyalty programs for customer stickiness and customer-centric contact and asset management, we help you target your customers more efficiently through data enrichment in a compliant way and respectful way.
      Ensure customers are motivated to do more with your brand.

      Is your marketing organization agile enough to meet dynamic customer demands? Does your organization foster collaboration and synergy?

      We enable your team to work in an interdisciplinary, agile manner leveraging the right organizational structure, and thereby creating an agency network that seamlessly supports the entire value chain of your marketing department. We believe that the right marketing organization is a prerequisite to realizing the strengths of marketing technology.

      Is your marketing technology equipped to handle all your customer data? Does your marketing platform facilitate data-driven decisions?

      We help you conceive MarTech platforms that integrate multi-source customer data, distribute it to employees according to their roles, and address the audience in real time and at scale. We enable you to design and deploy the right solutions and tools to drive interactions between the customer and your brand, measure its effectiveness, and facilitate data-driven decisions.

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          Dr. Thomas Dmoch

          Senior Director, Brand & ContentInventExpertise: Head of Digital Marketing and Sales
          Ich mache Ihr Marketing effizienter. Ich berate in Marketing Automation, Content, Organisation, Marke und MarTech, stets aus dem Blickwinkel „Daten“ und mit Branchenexpertise in Auto, FMCG, Banken und Pharma.

          Markus Cramer

          Vice President Growth Strategy & Future OrganizationInvent GermanyExpertise: Organization and Operating Model Design, Governance, Agile Organizations, Adaptive Organizations
          Ich unterstütze Kunden im Organisations- und Operating Model Design, bei der Gestaltung von Governance- und Zusammenarbeitsmodellen sowie in klassischen Restrukturierungsfragestellungen.