Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2017

The Asia-Pacific Wealth Report is known as the industry leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals’ (HNWIs) population, wealth, and investment behaviors and practices in the region. Close to 1,100 HNWIs were surveyed in Asia-Pacific across eight major markets of Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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Featured Insights

A tribute to our founder, Serge Kampf

His vision, that technology is nothing without the people behind it, still lies at the heart of Capgemini.
Corporate Responsibility

And then, Enlight came into Afshan’s life—making a difference in India

Enlight is an award-winning project by Capgemini India to bring education to girls from disadvantaged families, including girls with disabilities, or from poor and homeless families.

Mov’InBlue: a James Bond car for the masses

In 2016 we helped unlock the answer to efficient car rentals and fleet management.

Latest from our Experts

Capgemini’s 50th Anniversary

Living the Future since 1967!
Consumer Products & RetailDCX

Writing the Recipe for Digital Mastery. With Pizzas.

Here’s a question for the rapid-fire quiz round—name a company that went public in the same year as Google, but has delivered greater returns?

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