Capgemini to develop, deploy, and maintain McDonald’s digital tech

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Capgemini’s 50th Anniversary

Living the Future since 1967!
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Review 10

Digital technologies allow organizations to reinvent themselves—transforming the core of the business and finding and exploiting new sources of value.

Consumer goods firms unprepared for new data regulation, risking over $320 billion in fines

Research finds firms are placing increasing emphasis on customer insights while not putting appropriate safeguards in place, a strategy that is leaving customers’ personal data vulnerable.

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Capgemini’s 50th Anniversary

Living the Future since 1967!

Is Cybersecurity the sixth sense of AI?

As humans, we tend to “feel” when something is not quite right. This is our instinct, or sixth sense.
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Core vs. Non-Core Functions – Opportunity Cost Applied to Insurance Operations

An opportunity cost is the benefit a person or business forgoes by taking a different course of action.

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