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Client Story

Partnering to optimize the availability of electrical distribution systems

Client: Schneider Electric
Region: Portugal
Industry: Industrial & Consumer

Schneider Electric, a French multinational company, providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, is focused on the Industry 4.0 challenges, where Asset Performance Management is a critical component of the strategy.

Client challenge: Schneider Electric was seeking a partner for developing a Cloud Asset Advisor system for Electrical Distribution and its maintenance over time

Solution: Our client found in Capgemini Engineering a trusted partner capable of:

  • Reliability of skills, competencies, and processes.
  • Providing flexibility and optimizing the load plan.
  • Delivering savings and optimizations (via nearshore outsourcing).
  • Bringing a layer of innovation towards the Intelligent Industry.

An innovative approach to Intelligent Industry

This cloud-based Asset Advisor solution allows 24/7 monitoring, real-time notifications, incident tracking, chat collaboration on incidents, proactive service dispatch, set on or off duty status, monthly reports and global visibility across of hybrid ecosystems in your phone, tablet or computer, from anywhere in the world.

The Asset Advisor focuses on Advanced Asset Performance Management (APM) through Data-Driven maintenance. It gathers and transforms data from electrical distribution systems (MV/LV Smart Panels, Oil/Dry Transformers, MTZ/NW/NT Breakers, Power Quality, UPS, Protective Relays, Power Meters, etc.), through cloud-enabled predictive analytics and expertise.

It provides actionable insights and recommendations, from experienced professionals, on managing and maintaining equipment health.

Project development is being managed through Agile/Scrum Framework with a continuous Integration and Delivery approach (CI/CD).

The project includes manual functional tests performed by development scrum teams and also a dedicated test automation team. Capgemini Engineering provides support to Schneider Electric in the knowledge and continuous implementation of best practices (increase code coverage, reduce technical debt, etc.). As a result of this co-collaboration between Capgemini Engineering and client experts, the team has been growing over time and already tripled its number.

The solution and services provided enable:

  • Industrialization of the development on the whole project.
  • Automation of the tests, which allows raising the level of quality.
  • Flexibility and optimization of the workload according to business needs.
  • Commitments on KPIs related to production level and quality.

The added value and results of this partnership can be summarized as:

  • Shorter time-to-market by implementing short iterations (Scrum) and highly quality of each delivery.
  • Better quality of the end product by constant monitoring of code quality and functional fitness, as with automated tests.
  • Cost optimization by lean processes that ensure quality and performance, thus removing the need for extra quality/validation/rework loops.

Our Cloud Based Software Product Engineering services brings the Cloud to the industry

Capgemini Engineering can support to architect, develop and deploy Cloud Native systems. Starting from top level Digital Native transformation, following into MACS (Microservices, API, Containers, Serverless) software architecture and design to enable complex engineering software product development in specialized Industry fields.