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Client Story

Mudum Seguros and Capgemini Collaborate to Reshape the Future of Insurance Experience

Client: Mudum Seguros
Region: Portugal
Industry: Insurance

Mudum Seguros and Capgemini join forces to reshape the insurance claims landscape, placing customers at the center of the process. Together, they infuse a human touch into the experience and chart a course toward a digitally-driven future!

In a rapidly evolving insurance sector, Capgemini joined forces with Mudum Seguros, envisioning a paradigm shift in insurance claims. This transformative partnership prioritized customer-centricity, aiming to redefine industry norms by fostering trust and building strong partnerships between customers and claims managers. The objective was clear — revolutionize the claims handling process to thrive in a digitally-led future.

Client challenge: Challenges were diverse, from redefining brand identity from the outset of the service journey to transparently personalizing interactions for customers and claims managers. The smooth expansion of communication channels and the measurement and optimization of customer satisfaction were fundamental, as was improving the Claims Manager experience to foster trusted customer relationships.

Solution: Capgemini addressed the challenges by implementing a holistic approach. We leveraged advanced technologies and expertise to create a tailor-made framework for a human-centric service. Through a 12-week project structured around three key streams—Customer Experience, Organization and Processes, and Technology—we crafted an augmented claims management transformation. This transformative approach placed the customer and claims manager in a collaborative partnership, driven by mutual trust and a shared commitment to excellence. This strategic solution reshaped the customer journey, empowering claims managers with the right tools to deliver an exceptional human-centric experience while optimizing operational efficiency. The integration of a next-gen contact center with CRM features for insurance claims service further enhanced the overall solution, fostering a seamless and customer-centric process.

“Capgemini played a crucial role in helping us initiate a change and instill adoption behaviors among all employees and teams involved in the project, imprinting an induction in how we look at the future and in how we rethink the future innovatively.”

Afonso Themudo Barata
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

As we navigated the complex landscape of this transformative journey, we were faced with a series of challenges that required strategic solutions. These challenges included:

  • Navigating Change: The shift towards a customer-centric approach required a meticulous navigation of internal processes and systems, fostering a change-ready environment.
  • Ensuring Adaptability: As the digital landscape evolved, there was a need for the company to seamlessly adapt to the changing industry dynamics, onboard new distribution partners, and collaborate with service providers.
  • Balancing Innovation and Tradition: The push for innovation needed to be carefully balanced with the preservation of core industry practices and the insurer’s identity.
  • Technology Integration: The integration of cutting-edge technology required overcoming technical complexities and ensuring a smooth transition for both claims managers and customers.
  • Managing Cultural Shift: Transforming the role of claims managers from traditional back-office operators to front-office customer service agents demanded a cultural shift, aligning internal teams with the vision of a customer-centric service.

However, despite these challenges, the collaboration ushered in a wave of transformative benefits that reshaped the company’s operational landscape:

  • Heightened Efficiency: The streamlined customer service approach significantly increased the efficiency of claims handling, reducing turnaround times and enhancing overall service delivery.
  • Elevated Experiences: Both customers and claims handlers witnessed an elevated level of service, fostering stronger engagement, trust, and satisfaction.
  • Strategic Positioning: The establishment of touchless claims operations and a target operating architecture positioned the insurer strategically for future growth and scalability.
  • Unified Customer Data: The comprehensive utilization of data enabled the creation of a unified customer profile, facilitating personalized interactions and a deeper understanding of customer needs.
  • Clear Roadmap: The development of a multi-year transformation roadmap provided a clear strategic direction, ensuring that every initiative contributed to the overarching vision.
  • Future-Ready Operation: The collaboration with Capgemini not only achieved a future vision for claims operations but also empowered the company to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In overcoming these challenges and realizing these benefits, the partnership with Capgemini has not only revolutionized the claims service but has also laid the foundation for sustained growth, customer trust, and industry leadership.

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