World Insurance Report 2017

Il settore assicurativo è a un punto di svolta: la tecnologia sta trasformando ogni aspetto del business.

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InnovatorsRace50: la serie

Segui il percorso delle 10 startup che sono riuscite a emergere tra le 928 partecipanti provenienti da 38 paesi

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Is AI the Key to Curating User Generated Content?

As of 2017, 7,589 tweets are sent, 778 Instragram photos are uploaded, and 68,992 YouTube videos are watched every second on average.
customer digital experience

Product data collaboration as a strategic enabler to drive customer engagement

As paths to purchase have become non-linear, retailers and manufacturers find it difficult to provide shoppers with the exact information and experiences around the products.
Internet of Things

Making the Agile Connection with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Ours is a connected world. The tsunami of IoT devices has come to our homes, workplace, to industries, and to the projects we manage, to the products we create.

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