From addressing significant business needs to increase efficiency, user-friendliness and boost customer satisfaction to future-proofing systems, here’s a deep dive into Capgemini’s innovation partnership with Farys.

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      Capgemini’s World Energy Markets Observatory annual report 2023:People power critical to shift the energy transition dial

      Capgemini has published the 25th edition of its annual World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), created in partnership with Vaasa ETT and Enerdata. The report takes stock of the current state of the energy transition, revealing that, despite progress being made, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are continuing to increase, and climate change consequences are happening far quicker than expected. The report also provides insights on what the key focus areas would need to be, moving forward, to ensure a successful energy transition, including a change in public perception as well as sustained and realistic regulations.

      Nov 28, 2023

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