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Consumers are adopting smart speakers an order of magnitude faster than they did the smartphone. The devices, and the voices assistants which inhabit them, will change shopping forever, creating a new era: Conversational Commerce. Read the paper to learn more.

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Innovation Nation Winter 2017–2018

This issue of Innovation Nation focuses on how Capgemini’s Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation solution is helping our clients reimagine their future, by promising the very best-in-class finance operations through a target operating model that actively supports their business.

Why Smart Mobility will become the new mantra for automotive companies in 2018

Urban growth and the rise of Smart Cities: Cities are cool again, and they have become smarter, from simple things like paying for parking with your phone, to autonomous cars delivering pizza.


No Predictions 2018—Twin Worlds

Effectively, IT is treating businesses like children who believe in Santa and creating a fictional view of reality. 

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No Predictions 2018—You Experience

The application of digital technologies must enhance the happiness of people.

Can Ethical Hacking reduce Cyber threats?

We are becoming a more connected world and this is set to increase dramatically over the coming years.  Our dependency on technology is at an all-time high and the scale of disruption to our society due to cybersecurity breaches can now have catastrophic consequences.

Agile Means Profitable

A Capgemini ad asks the question: “What good is an ERP solution if it doesn’t increase profitability?” The answer is: “Not very good, and also not very agile.”

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