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Loyalty Deciphered—How Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement

Discover what drives brand loyalty, and how to cultivate it, in the findings of this wide-ranging report from our Digital Transformation Institute.

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Digital excellence is a milestone on a bigger journey. Harness ADMnext to master the art of continuous evolution—and win in the digital age.
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A powerful new customer experience approach for enterprise B2B commerce

Are your customers really happy customers? And what can you do if they’re not? Find out more.

World’s First Global Open Banking Hackathon!

Running Now Through Dec 10 | Over $10,000 in prizes!
Get your hack on! Unleash the power of open banking to create new customer experiences, revenue models, and industry ecosystems.

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Catching up in Germany

The truth is that no company will always be 100% secure in cyberspace. On a recent trip to Germany I had a drink with my former co-worker Andreas, who is the new Head of R&D at a global car manufacturer there. Andreas told me his company doesn’t have a Chief Product Security Officer, which is the equivalent role to a CISO in the R&D space.

Fake news: nothing new?

Kris Poté, VP Marketing & Communications Capgemini Belgium, recently wrote a blog (together with Emmanuel Goedseels) on how to communicate in a “post-truth” era. Read the French and Dutch version below.
Digital Transformation

The Digital Talent Gap: Don’t Take Tiny Steps Forward; Dare to Take a Giant Leap

Does the talent gap really exist or is there a new status quo in the knowledge area? As the world changes ever faster, it seems increasingly likely that the so-called talent gap will never close. But if closing the gap is nothing but an illusion, how do we move forward—do we tread lightly or should we take the leap forward?

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