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Client story

Futuristic tech that redefines customer experience: the Farys Journey

Client: Farys
Region: Belgium
Industry: Public Sector

From addressing significant business needs to increase efficiency, user-friendliness and boost customer satisfaction to future-proofing systems, here’s a deep dive into Capgemini’s innovation partnership with Farys.

Farys, one of Belgium’s leading water and energy services providers was convinced they needed to transform the way they did business with the local governments and other organisations, which Farys supports in public procurement. In the face of a changing market, the company had the vision to integrate and rebuild a new Future Proof CREAT Platform that would offer clients the possibility to order and buy products and services from Farys suppliers and would give the users an enlarged set of self-service functionalities.

Key challenges  

However, the company faced some significant technological roadblocks, including the implementation of the challenging, non-standard business needs in a new and complex landscape, integrated with an on-premises S/4HANA solution with two masters instead of one common master-slave concept for managing master data.

To overcome these issues, we helped Farys implement an as much as possible standard SAP cloud-based solution called SAP C/4Suite, which was integrated via CPI with an on-premises S/4HANA and BW4HANA. This project required close collaboration between all project stakeholders and SAP, especially in the proposed TOBE architecture with a focus on master data governance principles and the C/4suite components and its integration via CPI with S4.

Farys focused on SAP standard solutions as much as possible, considering the complex architecture and the from standard integration deviating business requirements. We helped build a dedicated blueprint workshop and phased delivery system, which included business involvement in all aspects and project phases. By defining the most appropriate, innovative and combined SAP components (Cloud and on-premise), we were able to realize the project via a specific blueprint approach, architecture design and validation, including by SAP.

Leveraging technology to bring scalable solutions

By working closely with SAP experts and implementing standard solutions as much as possible, we were able to maximize business value and improve client satisfaction for the client. The continuous evaluation of the SAP C4-suite roadmap as part of the overall Farys IT architecture and application landscape is the next step in their journey towards innovation and growth.

Farys involved their business users in all aspects and project phases, ensuring that their needs were being addressed and that they understood the changes that were being made. Additionally, SAP was heavily involved throughout the project, offering guidance and expertise to ensure the implementation was successful.

Another key factor in the success of the project was the focus on design principles, such as SAP Standard solutions, performance, security, user-friendliness and experience. By adhering to these principles, we were able to ensure that the new platform was efficient, effective and user-friendly, improving the overall experience for their clients.

This project highlights the importance of leveraging technology to address business needs and drive innovation. By partnering with SAP and utilizing their C/4Suite solution, we were able to transform the business and improve the customer experience. This implementation not only provided Farys with the tools necessary to meet their current needs but also future-proofed their systems for future growth and expansion. Moving forward, the client will continue to evaluate new solutions and technologies, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation and growth in the water and energy services industry.

Reaping benefits of a future-ready tech-scape 

Thanks to these efforts, Farys was able to introduce over 15,000 total new orders directly via the CREAT Portal and 32,000 total new orders indirectly (via S/4HANA) in 2022. They were also able to put in place a future-proof innovative Sales/Service/Marketing and Commerce cloud solution resulting in better and more efficient, accurate and faster collaboration and customer experience between Farys, clients and suppliers.

The self-service possibilities offered to their clients encouraged faster decision-making and ordering. The business process of creating new contracts and providing these on the portal to use for ordering is now settled in minutes instead of processing overnight.

Overall, Farys experience serves as a valuable example for other organizations looking to implement technology solutions to address their business needs. By understanding their specific requirements, collaborating with stakeholders and experts, and leveraging proven tools and frameworks, companies can drive significant value and innovation across verticals.

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