Together we’re transforming sport through technology and innovation

We are an organization driven by the belief that transformation should benefit all of humanity for the long term.

To achieve our mission, we must maximize our potential. We use the values of sport to enhance our ability to work as one, to inspire each other, to constantly innovate and never accept second best. Sport inspires our clients and our employees. Together we share a huge passion for sport.

We engage in sport not just because of our shared passion, but because we know it can make a difference. Sport provides a platform to demonstrate our expertise that use the power of transformative technology and innovation to achieve true impact and value. We want to help sports communities get more value as fans and customers, as participants and global citizens who demand and deserve a better world.

Our sports partnerships

Together we’re transforming sport through technology and innovation

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Rugby has strongly influenced our culture and our values, especially when it comes to team spirit and fun. And, with its diverse and growing global fan-base, rugby is aligned to Capgemini’s belief that diversity plays a key role developing innovative solutions, and creating value.

Golf is a game of strategy and preparation. Its endless appeal lies in its challenge: chasing perfection on every shot in order to better your personal best. It’s the pursuit of the perfect approach. Like many industries, it is through insight, strategy, and experience that the best players create transformational moments, changing the future. Our partnership with Ryder Cup, one of the most tactically demanding events in golf, aligns perfectly with our expertise in using strategic insights to transform any business.

Motorsport is the world’s most transformative sport, navigating complex technologies, rule changes, and environmental innovation. It is a constant platform for progress and performance. Our partnership with Peugeot sport plays a key role at the heart of the FIA World Endurance Championship program, driving transformation with advanced digital tools and analytics to enhance the performance of the team and the Peugeot 9X8.