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Campus activities

Campus recruitment is an important and effective way for Capgemini Belgium to identify and attract talented and motivated students, while also providing valuable opportunities for students to explore career options.

Capgemini Belgium is therefore involved in various campus activities to connect with interns and graduates, our future workforce! We participate in academic events, designed to enhance students’ academic experience, such as guest lectures and workshops. In addition, we also participate in career events (e.g. job fairs) to help students explore career options at Capgemini. That way students can connect with alumni and recruiters and gain valuable insights on #LifeatCapgemini

Capgemini Belgium is excited to kickstart our JobFair season for 2024.

Over the next few weeks, we will be touring universities in and around Belgium. Bring your friends along and connect with our experts, it is an excellent opportunity for you to discover opportunities and #GetTheFutureYouWant!

We can’t be more excited to welcome you! Mark the March dates in your calendar! Meet you soon! #LifeAtCapgemini

Find our opportunities as of September 2024 here.

Big onboarding

During the big onboarding event, Capgemini BE welcomes and introduces new employees (mainly fresh graduates) to the organization. This event takes place in the first week of september in the presence of the autumn sun. The onboarding event can involve a variety of activities such as introductions to company culture and values, an overview of company policies and procedures, a tour of the workplace, training sessions, and team-building exercises. The goal of this onboarding event is to help new hires feel comfortable and confident in their new role, understand their responsibilities, and become integrated into the company’s culture and community. In addition, the big onboarding is also a great opportunity for new employees to meet their colleagues and start building relationships with their team members.

Campus events

We’re present at different universities in Belgium to introduce students and soon-to-be graduates from different backgrounds to our unique company culture, values and job opportunities. Take a look at some pictures below from recent school fairs.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Find the opportunity that fits you.