Approach to ESG

There has never been a better time to leverage technology and human capabilities to tackle Environment, Social and Governance challenges.

We aim to be the cornerstone of our ecosystem for lasting positive ESG impacts. Leveraging the spirit and energy of Capgemini teams, and using our operational excellence, innovative assets, and added-value partnerships, we continually increase our ESG performance and develop solutions and services to substantially improve the environmental performance of our clients.

ESG is embedded in our corporate strategy, where we focus on eight ESG priorities that have significant positive impacts on Capgemini’s business model and value drivers, as well as for our stakeholders.

2023 ESG key performance indicators

Take a look at our ESG key performance indicators as at December 31, 2023 (as released with the Group’s 2023 annual results publication).

    Capgemini footprint

    In 2023, Capgemini conducted the first-ever socio-economic and environmental footprint assessment of its 2022 activities.

      Our ESG Policy

      Our ESG policy sets out our commitments, approach and priorities on environmental, social and governance issues

        Our eight priorities


        Priority A | Act on climate change by being carbon neutral by 2025 and becoming a net zero business

        Priority B | Lead to low-carbon economic transition by helping our clients achieve their environmental commitments


        Priority C | Relentlessly invest-in our talent through a unique experience developing tomorrow’s skills

        Priority D | Enhance a diverse, inclusive and hybrid work environment

        Priority E | Support Digital Inclusion in our communities


        Priority F | Foster a diverse and accountable governance

        Priority G | Maintain high ethical standards at all times for mutual growth

        Priority H |
        Protect and secure data, infrastructure and identity

        Our 11 Objectives


        Objective 01
        Be carbon neutral for our own operations no later than 2025 and across our supply chain by 2030, and committed to becoming a net zero business well ahead of 2050

        Objective 02
        Transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2025, and electric vehicles by 2030

        Objective 03
        Help our clients to save 10m tons of Co2 eq by 2030

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        *Our initial objective, as published in our ESG Policy in 2021, was to become net zero well ahead of 2050. Since then, we have refined our net zero targets in line with the Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi ) new Corporate Net-Zero Standard. Capgemini’s refined net zero targets have been assessed by the SBTi and were approved in July 2022. Our new net zero headline target is to achieve a 90% reduction in carbon emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2040, compared to a baseline of 2019. For more information please refer to Capgemini Environmental Sustainability Report 2021/2022

        Objective 04
        Increase average learning hours per employee by 5% every year to ensure regular lifelong learning

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        Objective 05
        40% of women in our teams by 2025

        Find out more on diversity and inclusion

        Objective 06
        5M beneficiaries supported by our digital inclusion program by 2030

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        Objective 07
        30% of women in executive leadership positions in 2025

        Find out more on diversity and inclusion

        Objective 08
        Maintain best-in-class corporate governance

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        Objective 09
        Maintain over 80% of the workforce with Ethics Score between 7-10

        Find out more on our ethical culture

        Objective 10
        By 2030, suppliers covering 80% of the purchase amount of the previous year, will have committed to our ESG standards

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        Objective 11
        Be recognized as a front leader on data protection and cybersecurity

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