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A powerful new customer experience approach for enterprise B2B commerce

Are your customers really happy customers? And what can you do if they’re not? Find out more.

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Capgemini employees move over 415,000 kilometers across the globe to raise 100,000€ for three educational projects

MoveFifty employee challenge united colleagues through movement and engagement to celebrate Capgemini’s 50th anniversary .

World’s First Global Open Banking Hackathon!

Running Now Through Dec 10 | Over $10,000 in prizes!
Get your hack on! Unleash the power of open banking to create new customer experiences, revenue models, and industry ecosystems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strengthening Parternships; Spreading Smiles

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Business Process OutsourcingFinance Transformation

Making a Difference in Finance Transformation

Are you looking for a finance transformation consulting role in business process outsourcing where you’re rewarded both financially and in terms of the contribution you’re making? Look no further—read this blog!
automationRobotic Process Automation

How do you really succeed with Automation Technology? Part 2 of 3

Existing and new processes are targets for automation. Implementation of automation within your company will be a necessary step to both survive and succeed in the future market.

How do you really succeed with Automation Technology? Part 1 of 3

Automation is here to help you perform better—not replace you.

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