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The service model approach is everywhere – and it’s growing. The technology that delivers it is key. So how can high-tech companies use it to create and sustain secure, personal, and valuable customer relationships?

It’s a given that customers want quality products at competitive prices.

But to make them truly happy, and keep them that way, tech companies need to make a personal connection with them. In a digital world, this can mean reshaping strategies and operating models. It can mean gaining actionable insight from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things. And it means keeping up-to-the-minute with innovation, market segmentation, and cybersecurity.

It’s a new and constantly changing way of doing business. We’ll help you plan your route – and we’ll get you there.

5G in industrial operations

5G can help solve the connectivity issues faced by industries like manufacturing, transport, logistics, and energy and utilities.

Some examples of what we do

Intelligent automation: Get better business results by bringing people and processes together to solve complex problems faster and more cost-effectively.

Servitization: Servitization is the process of transitioning from a product- to a service-oriented organization.

New business models have seen equipment manufacturers bundle equipment and services such as maintenance, spare parts and consumables as a single offer or “service” which business customers or consumers can pay for in different ways. For example, rather than buying your own printer, paper and ink, you could subscribe to a “printing as a service” offer where for a monthly subscription, you get the use of a printer, and ink and paper automatically sent to you as levels run low.

Servitization allows businesses and consumers to choose the offerings they need at the cost they want, while also benefiting the seller with recurring revenue and new opportunities for engagement. This trend has expanded to cover a variety of goods and services across all sectors of the economy is changing the way enterprises sell, market, and interact with customers.

We help organizations drive servitization to create new revenue opportunities, meet changing customer needs, and improve brand engagement.

Customer experience transformation: Create value across process, service, product, and business design, by understanding customer needs, behaviors, and motivations.

Digital operations and supply chain: Achieve significant improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility, and service, by using data insight in operations and in the supply chain.

Customer service and management: Develop affinity and build loyalty with today’s connected customer, by bringing together service and experience.

Product management and development: Optimize and harmonize the entire technology ecosystem – and help client organizations to do the same.

Data privacy, monetization, and artificial intelligence: Make decisions based on insight, engage in the global economy, and explore new business models by making the most of data as an asset.

Cloud DevOps cybersecurity: Create a culture of security that balances speed and resilience across the enterprise.

Expert perspectives

Intelligent industry

Servitization in manufacturing

5 Aug 2020

Meet our experts

Karl Bjurström

Global Head of Invent Telecom, Media & Entertainment
Karl Bjurström is a strategy consultant and manager who specializes in strategy formulation, data, and scaling in the technology, media, and telecom industries. He is passionate about helping clients use digital technologies to gain strategic and operational advantages within product development, customer experience, and marketing.

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Dharmesh Mistry

Expert in driving growth agenda for the Tech market unit