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GSA european executive forum

The future spark for chipsets at Global Semiconductor ALLIANCE’S flagship event

June 14-15, 2023 | Munich, Germany

Capgemini is proud to be sponsoring the GSA’s European Executive Forum as the VIP Dinner Host at the prestigious BMW World.

The semiconductor industry is undergoing tremendous change. GSA conference’s theme – Dealing with Uncertainty – focuses on complex signals coming from the market, coupled with constant changes in manufacturing, supply chains, and the multi-polarization of the semiconductor ecosystem.

Capgemini is providing a glimpse of light to the executive audience as the trusted industry partner with new perspectives for semiconductors and their revenue streams. We bring new thinking by helping build a new, transformed software-centric chip ecosystem.  This puts Chip makers at the forefront of what the industry needs now to rapidly deliver new, repeatable profitable revenue from software, services, and platform solutions. 

We will be sponsoring the GSA European Executive Forum by hosting the executive dinner at the BMW World with the theme ‘Chip to Industry’ on June 14th and moderating the intriguing panel ‘New Silicon Design Paradigms’ on June 15th.

New Silicon Design Paradigms

How is the chiplet revolution affecting standardization, compatibility, and what impact does it have on the marketplace? And what role do AI, sustainability, and sovereignty have in this new paradigm?


Loïc Hamon
Head of Center of Excellence, Silicon Engineering, Capgemini.


Balaji Baktha
CEO & Founder, Ventana Micro 
Luca de Ambroggi
Director, Solutions Marketing, Intel Foundry Services 
Philipp Tomsich
Board Member and Chair of Software Committee, RISC-V International
Sean Hehir
CEO, BrainChip

Connect with our experts who will be presenting and leading the conversations that enable the semiconductor industry to empower, evolve, and diversify to future-proof their business:

Meet our experts

Brett Bonthron

Executive Vice President and Global High-tech Industry Leader
Brett has over 35 years of experience in high-tech, across technical systems design, management consulting, start-ups, and leadership roles in software. He has managed many waves of technology disruption from client-server computing to re-engineering, and web 1.0 and 2.0 through to SaaS and the cloud. He is currently focusing on defining sectors such as software, computer hardware, hyper-scalers/platforms, and semiconductors. He has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of San Francisco for 18 years teaching Entrepreneurship at Master’s level and is an avid basketball coach.

Loïc Hamon

Head of Center of Excellence Silicon Engineering, Capgemini 
Loïc Hamon is currently the Head of Center of Excellence, Silicon Engineering at Capgemini. Within Capgemini, his passion is to expand the silicon engineering capability across the business. Before his time at Capgemini, Loïc served as a Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Marketing at Kalray. Loïc Hamon is also independent member of the Silex Insight Board of Directors since 2018. He has Master’s Degree in Marketing Intelligence from the HEC School of Management in Paris, and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from ESIGELEC in Rouen and a postgraduate degree in Microelectronics from Paris XI University.

Shiv Tasker

Global Industry Vice President, Semiconductor and Electronics at Capgemini
Shiv leads the Semiconductor and Electronics industry at Capgemini Engineering. He spent the last few decades working on tools and services for designing high-performance semiconductors and systems focusing on data centre, industrial and automotive markets. ​He is passionate about safe, secure, and sustainable computing for mixed-criticality applications that require portable and scalable software architectures.​ He evangelizes that innovation in hardware offers the best hope to solve the big problems we face in climate, food, energy, and resources.