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Public sector

Governments and public sector organizations are addressing the great challenges of our time, from digital transformation to social justice, climate change, and post-pandemic recovery.

We count on the public sector to provide essential services day in, day out, while making those services more joined up, citizen-centric and efficient. In a crisis we expect our governments to step up and lead the response. We also depend on them to address grand challenges such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, resources are often stretched to their limits.

Using digital to drive results in the public sector

We’re working with governments and public sector organizations worldwide to meet these challenges and deliver more with less. How? By harnessing digital to provide a set of powerful technology tools, enabling organizations to pursue their objectives and improve outcomes – always with the end user at the center of everything we do.

From supporting the move to the cloud, to creating strategies for data and data ecosystems; from using human-centered design to create new citizen services, to ensuring  cybersecurity: we bring deep understanding of the public sector and proven expertise in business and technology transformation.

For more information about our work for US federal government, visit Capgemini Government Solutions.

What we do

For a long time, armed forces in Europe have managed logistics, supply inventories, wage payments, and personnel records through technology. Now, in the digital era, we connect ministries of defense to the new requirements of the data-driven world.

Groundbreaking new technology is positioning the health and social care sector to improve person-centered services along the care pathway. We partner across the industry with community care providers, hospitals, university clinics, and health ministries to help develop personalized care plans, both at home and in medical institutions.

Government agencies, federal ministries, city councils, and more are working to digitize processes and services for citizens and businesses. We help provide open data and high value datasets, biometric systems, e-government solutions, user-centered platforms, digital identities, and automated processing systems.

To help public security authorities deal with the digitization of crimes, new digital tools, and new forms of citizen interaction, we have developed a range of digital services to support them across the globe.

We help tax and customs authorities with digital transformation in areas including the operation of tax offices, tax claim management, the future of work, fraud detection, custom border management, risk assurance, regulation analytics, and HR operations such as talent management.

Welfare agencies are facing significant challenges, including aging populations, digital engagement, policy reform, and growing demand for welfare support. Our expertise includes social benefits attribution, welfare fraud detection, job matching technologies, intelligent case management, and cloud migration.

    Citizen services: Human-centered by design

    We partner with public sector organizations globally to design, test, iterate and run digital services that put citizens at the center.

    Data and AI in the public sector

    We help public sector organizations open new frontiers with artificial intelligence.

      Cloud sovereignty in the public sector

      Public sector IT trends 2021-22

      The pandemic has accelerated digitalization and innovation – but IT leaders are struggling with increasingly complex technology landscapes.

        Data to the people

        Open data, created and offered by public sector bodies as part of their day-to-day operations, offers new ways to innovate solutions for global and local challenges.

          Trends in public security 2021-22: A perspective from the Netherlands

          How safe do citizens in the Netherlands feel today, and how should organizations in the security domain respond to changing threats and new technologies?

            Building data bridges

            It’s time for public sector bodies to seize the open data opportunity to dramatically improve health, transportation, communications, education, and the economy.

              Client Stories

                  Industry leader

                  Alex George

                  VP & India Industry Platform Leader for Global Public Sector
                  Alex George is responsible for delivering excellence, managing strategic industry assets, GPS segment strategies, industry points of view, and conversations with clients, partners & industry bodies to magnify our thought leadership in the market. He also enhances CXO proximity by bringing in deep industry context in our communications. With over 24 years of experience, he was involved in transformations across Healthcare, Transportation, Social and Welfare programs, Defence, and Sustainability.

                  Marc Reinhardt

                  Expert in Application Lifecycle Services