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Ryder cup

Capgemini and the Ryder Cup: The Perfect Approach

A momentous first step in the Capgemini golf story, our partnership with the prestigious Ryder Cup reflects our focus on building and celebrating talent, team spirit, and high performance – all of which are at the heart of both Capgemini and the Ryder Cup.

The opportunity to compete in the Ryder Cup is sought by every US and European golfer, and the 2023 competition in Rome was no different. To take home the trophy requires relentless preparation, a sharp, steady focus, and mental resilience throughout this three-day event.

Like these extraordinary athletes, we know that transformative results require bold strategy, flawless execution, and the right partner. Before history is made at the Ryder Cup, before a transformation can happen, there is the work. The small steps in pursuit of perfection. Prepare. Visualize. Strategize.

It all adds up to The Perfect Approach.

Just as The Perfect Approach is custom to every business solution, it’s unique to every player as well. It’s in the way Steve Stricker relies on feel or how Edoardo Molinari uses data at the Ryder Cup. And it’s how Tania Tare found her hidden talent as a trick shot artist on TikTok and why Roger Sali teaches golf in the schools of Uganda.

The Perfect Approach is what we, at Capgemini, strive for every day. Whether delivering business transformation for a global company or creating innovative technology for the Ryder Cup, The Perfect Approach is everything.

Innovation from instinct and feel

Steve Stricker

We’ve seen it again and again – the constant push for perfection by Steve Stricker. His instinctual approach has delivered one of the greatest careers in the sport – from a streak of wins in 2009 to a home state Ryder Cup victory in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin in 2021.

Tania Tare

A trick shot artist who has made a name for herself on social media, Tania relies on feel and creativity. She delivers a new approach to golf that’s fun to watch and impossible to imitate. For her, the perfect approach combines precision and touch, creatively expanding the limits of what is expected.

Success from analysis and improvement

Edoardo Molinari

Numbers. Stats. Data. These are the fundamentals of Molinari’s approach. He has used them to great effect for his own game and for the next generation that he coaches through his app. His approach to the game has made him a Ryder Cup champion and an Italian legend – winning tournaments on four of the six continents on which golf is played.

Roger Sali

From starting the game late in life, to becoming Uganda’s first PGA trainer, Sali has methodically improved his game daily. As a trainer to many first-timers throughout his community, Sali has taken an educational and joyous approach to the sport. Roger’s goal is to use the sport to provide life lessons and possibilities for those around him. His perfect approach creates opportunity through persistence and practice.

Transforming through technology

Technology-powering performance
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“The Captain’s Dashboard, that Capgemini and I worked closely on to develop, provided Luke with vital insights and information. Having the player performance dashboard available in mobile format enabled better collaboration and more effective team decision-making. This innovative tool is a great example of how technology and data can be used to achieve results.”

Edoardo Molinari, Europe Vice Captain, 2023 Ryder Cup

Sports and tech: A whole new ball game

Technology now plays a vital part in many aspects of sports – enhancing the viewing experience, encouraging fan engagement, assisting teams and players to increase performance, and more. And as technology itself advances, so does its potential for enriching the sports experience. In the recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute, A whole new ball game: Why sports tech is a game-changer, we explore the topic of technology in sports in depth, with a look towards the future.

Meet our ambassadors

Edoardo Molinari, Europe Vice Captain, 2023 Ryder Cup

Known for his consistency and mettle, Edoardo Molinari’s skill and data-driven knowledge of the game will be key assets for Team Europe. Those same qualities make him a great fit for our team as well.

Molinari will be a Vice Captain of the 2023 Ryder Cup. He is a previous winner of the competition and an Italian legend – winning tournaments on four of the six continents on which golf is played. Molinari gained notoriety as a rising star during his distinguished amateur career, winning four national championships across the globe.

Steve Stricker, US Vice Captain, 2023 Ryder Cup

Steve Stricker is a strong team player whose experience and strategic insight will benefit Team USA, where he will serve as Vice Captain at the 2023 Ryder Cup.

A veteran PGA champion, Stricker has achieved 21 tour victories, including 12 on the PGA Tour, and five top-10 finishes at Majors during his distinguished career. His consistent play and tactical acumen have earned him an impressive 250 weeks in the Top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking, reaching a high of #2. Stricker also captained Team USA to a record-setting victory in the most recent Ryder Cup tournament at Whistling Straits.

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The Ryder Cup is a biennial golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States.