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Aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry is tasked with meeting rising demand at a time of intense and ongoing disruption. But in the face of these complex challenges comes incredible opportunity. Capgemini brings together the capabilities to reimagine the way A&D leaders design, engineer, manufacture, and service complex products. We can harness today’s technologies to launch into a successful tomorrow.

Launch into the future of Aerospace and Defense with Capgemini

Geopolitical issues, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and material shortages are adding new complexities within development and production lifecycles, making it difficult to accelerate timescales and optimize operations to meet backlogs and address an influx of new orders. At the same time, A&D companies are under mounting pressure to enhance sustainability and security, infusing these practices both within the business and across the supply chain and partner ecosystem.

We see the future as intelligent which means utilizing the convergence of products, software, data, and services to bring the future into focus for our clients. Capgemini is your partner on the journey for end-to-end transformation, bringing new perspectives to your vision of a digital-ready, connected enterprise. Together we can launch into an intelligent, connected, and sustainable future.

Driving the future of the Aerospace Industry

Expert perspectives

Meet our experts

Shobha Kulavil

VP & Industry Platform Leader for Aerospace and Defence
Shobha Kulavil drives thought leadership by collaborating with leaders in the industry, developing offerings and partnerships, identifying new technology opportunities, creating assets, and facilitating C-level conversations and engagement for the growth of the Capgemini Aerospace and Defence portfolio. With 24+ years of experience, she has held several leadership roles in the Aerospace & Defence, Energy, and Railways industry sectors, spanning domains like Aerostructures, Aerosystems, and more.

Lee Annecchino

Executive Vice President, Global Aerospace & Defense Leader
Lee has over 25 years of experience driving growth, innovation and revenue in a series of executive and leadership roles in the Aerospace industry. As Global Aerospace & Defense Leader at Capgemini, Lee is responsible for creating the global A&D industry strategy that drives a portfolio of capabilities and the ecosystem needed to address the evolving needs of the industry. Lee believes that data driven connected A&D ecosystems and resilient supply chains will drive efficiencies in the aerospace and defense industry.

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