Innovation, agility and greater purpose in times of crisis: the Aussie businesses inspiring us all

Australians are renowned for our resilience, ingenuity and mate-ship. From the bushfires earlier this year, to the current COVID19 crisis, we’ve seen these qualities exemplified across our nation in recent times. Inspired by the innovation, agility and community spirit around us, the Melbourne AIE team has compiled a list of our favourite Aussie business pivots […]


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Love Your Career

Marite Metsla

Helping clients solve complex problems using Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE).

Steph Sands

With the support of an exceptional CEO and Executive team, I get to work on some exceptional programs to ensure there is no reason why people don’t feel they belong at Capgemini

Phil Davey

I love finding ways to solve problems. I ace delivering client value.

Gautam Gandha

I love tackling new, exciting problems. I ace delivering insights to clients.