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intelligent industry

We have entered the next era of digital transformation. This is characterized by a growing convergence of product, software, data, and services across all industries. At Capgemini we call this ‘Intelligent Industry’.

Capgemini helps you use digital technologies to unlock the potential of your physical and digital worlds. We help you look at what you already have in a different light, revolutionizing and securing everything from products, to processes, to supply chains, so you can imagine what’s next.

Intelligent industry creates a whole new world of opportunity – and this is why we believe…

Together we will help you devise, design, and deliver your vision for Intelligent Industry, getting you to outcomes faster.

We believe what we produce and how we produce it is central to our progress as a society. Our mission is to make it the best use of what you have, so you can play a bigger role in the future of industry.

“Intelligent Industry is about fostering synergies between the digital and engineering worlds to help companies build intelligent products, operations, and services, at scale.”

Roshan Gya, EVP I CEO Capgemini Invent

    Hannover Messe ’24

    Join us at the world’s leading industrial trade fair from April 22-26.

    Autonomous networks

    The telecom sector is embarking on a journey towards autonomous networks.

    Engineering the Next

    For automotive, aerospace and defense.

    Capgemini Research Institute

    Connected consumer

    Enhancing consumers’ lives with technology.
    Capgemini Research Institute

    The art of software

    The new route to value creation.

    Capgemini Research Institute

    The gigafactory race is on

    The battery industry faces a huge challenge to scale up its production capacity.



      Hardware and software are being brought closer together, traditional industries are blurring their boundaries (e.g., automotive and energy) and future innovations will fuse together the digital, physical, and biological.


      Connected products are creating ecosystems around the customer (e.g. smart homes), but on a grander scale, 5G is creating private networks for use in smart cities and even battlefield applications.


      AI and quantum computing are creating autonomous systems that can be trained at an accelerated rate (for example, autonomous driving or new drug development).

      Intelligent together

      Meet our experts

      Roshan Gya

      Capgemini Invent
      I am leading the Global Intelligent Industry for Capgemini Invent. I am a Managing Director for Southern & Central Europe and India for Capgemini Invent. I have 15+ years of experience in consulting and have international expertise in Capex-intensive industries on complex large scale digital transformation at CEO / Board level.

      William Rozé

      CEO of Capgemini Engineering and Group Executive Board Member

      Charlotte Pierron-Perlès

      EVP I Head of Data & AI Strategy & Services for France, Global Head of Insights for Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent

      Pierre Bagnon

      Head of Smart Plant, Intelligent & Sustainable Operations, Capgemini Invent

      Nicolas Rousseau

      Executive Vice-President, Capgemini Engineering Group Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services
      Rousseau’s role with Capgemini focuses on intelligent industry, working with companies to develop a holistic view of products, software, data, and services to improve customer interaction, business operations, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains.