Marketing for customer experience

The role of the CMO is evolving. Deliver on customer experience with creativity and data.

By leveraging real-time insights and GenAI, CMOs connect with audiences, providing personalized experiences that build lasting connections. Our data-driven approach, supported by GenAI, empowers teams to impact every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to advocacy. In today’s hyperconnected world, CMOs drive exceptional experiences through innovative strategies and brand-building initiatives.

“Digital has disrupted the way customers interact with brands.”

Virginie Regis, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Capgemini


Generative AI and the evolving role of marketing

The future of marketing is driven by data

GEN AI AND Data-driven results

Learnings from CMOs and industry experts interviewed in Capgemini’s CMO Playbook
58% of organizations are already integrating generative AI into their marketing efforts
65% employ data-driven methods to adapt to shifting market dynamics and customer demands or to adjust their campaign strategies
55% marketers foresee generative AI as a catalyst for innovation, motivating teams to think beyond conventional boundaries.

The CMO agenda

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“Chief Challenges”


    Beyond the messy middle of data-driven marketing

    Capgemini Invent


    How to be a purpose-driven organization

    Capgemini Invent


    Enter a new reality with immersive experiences

    Capgemini Invent

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