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Client story

Co-creating a high-class customer experience for Hunkemöller

Client: Hunkemöller
Region: The Netherlands
Industry: Consumer products

Hunkemöller, one of the largest high-street lingerie brands in the Benelux and Germany, implements a system that consolidates all customer service agent activities into a single tool, seamlessly integrating the landscape

Client Challenge: Hunkemöller wanted to consolidate its customer service system into a centralized tool that would ensure that agents had necessary information when it was needed.

Solution: Working with Capgemini, Hunkemöller introduced an omni-channel, cloud-based Salesforce system to bring together all relevant customer information within a single tool.


  • Reduced average handling time on phone calls
  • Increased first-time-right answering
  • Optimized insights in data via reporting and dashboarding

Revamping customer experience in the new normal

The world of customer service is in constant change and Hunkemöller recognized that the need for improving the current service operation was imperative. The company needed a customer service tool that would optimize and automate processes within customer service agent workflows and ensure seamless experiences for its customers. With stores being closed due to the pandemic, customers were unable to shop in-store. This led to a massive shift towards e-commerce, which had a tremendous impact on the customer service desk.

While the Sheroes (Hunkemöller’s customers) demand a seamless omni-channel experience, the employees also need to feel fully empowered. To ensure that this was the case, Hunkemöller wanted to use state-of-the-art technology to enhance operational performance and contribute to a better experience for customers and service agents alike. Moreover, helping Hunkemöller to cross- and upsell during customer service contact was also a key objective.

From a cost center to value center

Capgemini implemented an omni-channel Salesforce Service Cloud system as a fit-for-purpose solution, with a fully embedded telephony system, by providing best practices that bolstered business value. The solution enables Hunkemöller to provide all relevant information to the agents on one screen. As a result, the employees can delight the Sheroes, as they have a full overview of the customer including information such as recent orders, shipping details, and loyalty point balance.

With all contact channels combined and all relevant customer data at hand, Hunkemöller employees can provide an optimal customer experience, transforming the customer service center from a cost center to a value center.

All interactions are managed within one central user interface. Hunkëmoller and Capgemini implemented a variety of integrations to provide the right information at the right time, which not only offers support for the centralized customer service agents, but also has enabled the partners to develop a basic interface for store employees. With a newly introduced variety of channels connecting the customers to the relevant customer service agents, Hunkemöller successfully catered to the needs of its customers.

Some features of the solution include:

  • Creating an integrated 360-degree view of customers
  • Enabling Hunkemöller’s employees to cross- and upsell by providing the right information
  • Providing tools and automation to reduce manual work
  • Developing real-time reports and actionable insights on KPIs
  • Providing post-go-live support
  • Implementation in a step-by-step approach, quickly delivering value by releasing new functionalities in manageable packages.

Business benefits for Hunkemöller

  • Enabling revenue-generating opportunities through the order-on-behalf functionalities incorporated in Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Reduced average handling time on phone calls
  • Increased self-service (chatbot)
  • Optimized knowledge management database
  • Increased first-time-right answering
  • Optimal support for customer service agents
  • Agents can seamlessly work from any location
  • Optimized insights in data via reporting and dashboarding

Collaborative Business Experience™

In an agile, collaborative way of working, Hunkemöller and Capgemini together created a roadmap for the implementation. The mindset of executing the solution together, as customer and system implementer, was one of the key success factors. The level of customization was kept to a minimum, ensuring that the application can be easily extended in the future. The first release was promptly followed up by a second release, which introduced a variety of new features.

Geared for more Having delivered the foundation of the customer service platform, Capgemini will continue to add value that will further increase the level of support Hunkemöller can provide to its customers. By gaining more insights from the employee experience, the user interface from the Service Cloud console will be enhanced. In a nutshell, the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation will be another milestone in Hunkemöller’s success story as a leading omni-channel brand globa