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Ryder cup

Capgemini joins the Ryder Cup family

Capgemini has become a partner to the prestigious Ryder Cup, working with Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA of America to adapt, master, and apply the latest innovations in technology to golf through the lens of precision and accuracy.

This worldwide partnership with the Ryder Cup, one of the most significant events in golf, brings together the best of the best from around the world through team competition.

A momentous first step in Capgemini’s golf story, the partnership reflects Capgemini’s focus on building and celebrating talent, team spirit and high performance – all of which are at the heart of both Capgemini and the Ryder Cup.

We join the Ryder Cup family

The next Ryder Cup will be held in Rome in September 2023 and the partnership will cover the 2025 Ryder Cup in New York and the 2027 Ryder Cup in Ireland.