Board of directors

The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction of the company and the Capgemini group.

It appoints the executive corporate officer(s) responsible for implementing this strategy, approves the financial statements, convenes the Shareholders’ Meetings and proposes the annual dividend. It takes decisions on the major issues concerning the day-to-day operation and future of Capgemini, to promote sustainable value creation for its shareholders and all stakeholders.

Today, the Capgemini Board of Directors has 14 members. 12 directors are elected by the shareholders and two are appointed according to the employee representation system. 82% of directors are independent, and 45% are women.

Paul Hermelin

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Xiaoqun Clever

Independent Director

Laurence Dors

Independent Director

Aiman Ezzat

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Goulaieff

Director representing employees

Siân Herbert-Jones

Independent Director

Hervé Jeannin

Director representing employees

Xavier Musca

Independent Director

Frédéric Oudéa

Lead Independent Director

Patrick Pouyanné

Independent Director

Tanja Rueckert

Independent Director

Kurt Sievers

Independent Director

Lucia Sinapi

Director representing employee shareholders