Change. That word captures the current state of the insurance industry in all markets, in all sectors.

Change driven by climate, technology, macro-economics, demographics, and geopolitics. Change that demands a response from industry participants to continue to grow, be profitable, be relevant, and in some sectors to stay solvent in the years to come. Change can be opportunity, for those who seize it.

Capgemini creates business value from change in the insurance industry. This is our specialty; this is what we do. We help our clients understand and navigate the challenges change brings, both for refining their strategies and redesigning their operations; we help our clients explore and seize change-driven opportunities across the insurance value chain, from distribution to claims management, from customer experiences to sophisticated underwriting.

    TechnoVision 2024: Financial Services

    Explore how you can leverage the power of technology to augment human capabilities – and prompt the future.

    World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2024

    Become an underwriting trailblazer: Chart your transformation across a shifting risk landscape.

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    Evolve at speed. Innovate at scale.

      Segments we serve

      Climate and customer-driven changes in the P&C industry create opportunities for Insurers to reimagine products, experiences, distribution, risk assessment, and prevention services.

      We partner with insurers to achieve transformative business outcomes by harnessing the power of technology, data and AI, intelligent automation, and partner ecosystems.

      An aging population and new expectations from the next generation are creating new opportunities and challenges for life, annuity, and benefits carriers. But manual, antiquated systems often stand in the way of real growth.

      We can help you build advanced digital and data capabilities to create a unified customer experience, streamline operations, and retain assets.

      Digitization of Healthcare is revolutionizing the ways in which care is delivered and paid for, continuously reshaping the value delivered.

      We are empowering the advancement of care access, delivery, and quality, focusing on wellness and simplified & equitable healthcare ecosystem.

      Featured services

      Digital core for insurance

      Are you ready to embrace the future of insurance? To get there, you’ll need a connected, digital core approach.

        Sustainability for financial services

        Sustainability presents real opportunity for industry growth and leadership: Accelerate ESG action for better business outcomes.

          Cloud for financial services

          Unlock the full potential of your cloud investments

            Smart underwriting

            To keep pace with the rapid evolution of underwriting in property and casualty insurance, underwriters require efficient tools.

              Client stories

              How a global P&C insurer is winning over the next generation of customers

              Developing a new digital foundation and channel strategy while transforming customer experiences with unified and centralized services.

                Capgemini supports Zurich Germany in accelerating a strategic IT transformation

                Zurich Germany accelerates its digital transformation with the introduction of agile collaboration models.

                  Wawanesa unlocks agility and boosts time to market for rapid product innovation

                  Transitioning to a unified Guidewire platform across P&C business lines to reduce infrastructure costs while minimizing risks and disruption to operations.

                    A.S.R. Insurance drives data efficiency with SAP S/4HANA

                    Migrating from legacy systems to the SAP S/4HANA platform to achieve efficient practices while expanding capacity for data-based decision-making and future transformation.

                      Implementing document automation tool in health insurance to produce benefit booklets

                      Establishing a well-defined, frictionless production process while introducing automated, macro-based tools that efficiently update the essential text of benefit booklets.

                        Expert perspectives

                        Cloud, Data and AI, Technology

                        Driving innovation in financial services: Pega Infinity vs. Java EE solutions

                        Dinesh Karanam
                        Feb 15, 2024
                        Business operations

                        Navigating the new norms of retirement with the SECURE 2.0 Act

                        Abhishek Singh
                        Oct 25, 2023
                        Business operations

                        Rethinking cost optimization: From cutting corners to fueling growth

                        Mark Standeaven
                        Aug 22, 2023

                        Meet our experts

                        Adam Denninger

                        Global Industry Leader, Insurance
                        Adam Denninger leads Capgemini’s global strategy and product management for the insurance industry and manages its relationships with the insurance technology ecosystem. Adam has 20+ years of experience creating and delivering solutions at the intersection of business and technology.

                        Shane Cassidy

                        Executive Vice President, Financial Services; Insurance Business Unit Leader
                        Shane is executive vice president and head of Capgemini’s Global Insurance Business Unit. He has been at the forefront of digital disruption and innovation for two decades, identifying and developing solutions to address market trends.

                        Satish Weber

                        Executive Vice President, Financial Services; Insurance Sales and Go To Market Leader

                        Kiran Boosam

                        Vice President, Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
                        Kiran leads the global insurance strategy and portfolio for Capgemini Financial Services. A P&C and life insurance expert, he assesses industry dynamics and shapes innovative solutions for the Insurance CXOs, leveraging the power of the Capgemini Group, external ecosystems, and emerging technology.

                        Samantha Chow

                        Global Head, Life Insurance, Annuities, and Benefits Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
                        Samantha has over 20 years of experience in the L&A and A&H industries working for carriers in positions across the value chain, evaluating technology and consulting as an industry analyst, and leading the technology roadmap for policy administration systems.

                        Andrew Hood

                        Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Practice Head, Capgemini Financial Services


                          Best Advancing Software Testing Practice Award

                          This European Software Testing Award reflects our involvement with emerging technologies and our focus at the forefront of innovation.

                            Awarded Migration Acceleration Specialization by Guidewire

                            First partner to be recognized reflecting our commitment to helping clients seamlessly upgrade to Guidewire Cloud.

                              Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ for insurance ITO services 2023 (EU and NA)

                              We help our insurance clients understand and navigate the challenges change brings, both for refining their strategies and redesigning their operations.

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