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Enterprise maturity model for Microsoft business applications in FS

Early adopters of Microsoft business applications aimed to streamline operations, extract insights from unified data views, and improve customer engagement.

With the expansion of the Microsoft business applications landscape, enterprises shifted their focus from tactical system implementation to a strategic transformation initiative.

Organizations now consider Microsoft business applications a cornerstone for their digital transformation journey, fostering operational excellence, driving innovation, and promoting a culture of data-driven decision-making.  

At Capgemini, we are focused on enabling large as well as niche financial services organizations scale the adoption of Microsoft business applications along with the emerging Al and Copilot features, while staying compliant to the compliance and security landscape across different geographies.

We are pleased to present this paper from Everest Group to share insights on some of the best-in-class enterprises who have succeeded in creating innovative customer experiences with Microsoft business applications. We developed an enterprise maturity model that will help the initial adopters of Microsoft business applications with the attributes and characteristics to focus on their journey to the north star.

In this viewpoint from Everest Group, we examine:

  • Microsoft business applications landscape in the financial services industry
  • Enterprise maturity model for adoption of Microsoft business applications at scale
  • Recommendations for enterprises to become best-in-class and create differentiated business value with Microsoft business applications

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