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Changing customer behaviors and expectations, new regulations, digitization, and societal pressure for sustainability have introduced a host of new and at times competing priorities for automotive players.

In this environment, automotive organizations must balance the need for new investments in software, data, and cloud while facing mounting pressure to cut costs and preserve cash. They must adapt the way they serve the customer, while maintaining traditional sales and service models. And they must form strategic partnerships to enable themselves, and the industry as a whole, to accelerate innovation and drive multiple transformations in parallel.

In an era of unprecedented disruption, success depends on automakers’ ability to orchestrate multiple changes, from software-driven transformation to the shift to sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. And this ability depends, in turn, on collaboration. For commercial vehicles and passenger cars alike, their ability to deal with the many difficult – and interconnected – disruptions they face depends on finding their place in a new global, digital ecosystem.

Automotive organizations today face unprecedented challenges. The question is: How will they get the future they want?

“The automotive industry is now grappling with greater disruption than at any time in its past – from the mobility services trend to supply chain issues and the growing concern and pressure regarding climate change. Future success depends on companies’ ability to embrace changes such as software-driven transformation and the shift towards sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. Collaboration is vital: Whether they’re making cars or commercial vehicles, OEMs need to work together in ecosystems that have the right talents and capabilities to take on today’s global challenges.”

Alexandre Audoin, Head of Global Automotive Industry, Capgemini, and Head of Automotive Industry, Capgemini Engineering

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          Expert perspectives

          Meet our experts

          Laurence Noël

          EVP, Head of Global Automotive Industry, Capgemini
          Laurence Noël is a distinguished professional with a robust background in the automotive industry. She has more than 25 years of experience, and was previously Senior Vice President of the Circular Economy Business Unit at Stellantis. Leveraging a diverse background across management of business units, strategic planning and engineering, Laurence empowers clients to shape profitable and successful strategies, achieve transformation, and meet automotive sustainability goals.

          Christian Hummel

          Global Head of Automotive at Capgemini Invent
          Global focus, sustainability ambitions, tech advancements, and demand for regional value chains are driving transformative change across the automotive industry. It’s an exciting time to be part of this journey helping clients shape intelligent, sustainable, and connected futures.

          Jean-Marie Lapeyre

          EVP and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Global Automotive Industry
          Jean-Marie Lapeyre works with automotive clients to develop and launch actionable technology strategies to help them succeed in a data and software-driven world.

          Sebastian Tschödrich

          Executive Vice President, Global Head of Automotive, Capgemini Invent
          I have been working in automotive consulting for 14 years, with experience in Europe and China. Currently based in Munich, I am responsible for the global automotive consulting business and part of the global leadership team at Capgemini Invent.

          Emmanuelle Bischoffe-Cluzel

          Sustainability Lead, Global Automotive Industry
          Emmanuelle Bischoffe-Cluzel offers practical IT and engineering solutions to support automotive sustainability. She has 30 years’ automotive industry experience, gained with a global automaker and a tier 1 supplier, in roles ranging from manufacturing engineering to business development. She holds four patents relating to engine assembly.

          Anuraag Bharadwaj

          VP, Head Automotive Industry Platform, Capgemini
          Anuraag Bharadwaj is Vice President, and Head of Automotive Industry Platform at Capgemini. He is an INSEAD alumni, and Digital Transformation Leader with 25 years of sales and delivery experience in Industrial & Automotive sectors. He provides thought leadership to automotive industry, predicts and deciphers new trend unfolding in Automotive Industry. He is an expert in IT/OT convergence, Supply Chain, Connected Vehicle, Quantum tech, and alternate fuels in automotive industry.

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