A New Playbook for Chief Marketing Officers

Why CMOs should enable real time marketing to drive sustained growth


Katsaus suomalaisten pankkien ja vakuutusyhtiöiden kyvykkyyksiin uudistaa liiketoimintaansa

Data sharing masters

How smart organizations use data ecosystems to gain an unbeatable competitive edge

TechnoVision 2021 – technology trends in business

TechnoVision 2021 builds on our long-standing heritage of expert guidance – it’s the 13th...

Sustainable Operations

a comprehensive guide for manufacturers

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Business Intelligence & Data Science Day 2021

The largest Nordic Event 100% focused on Data, AI and Analytics. November 30, 2021 2:00 pm

Love Your Career

Kirsi Parviainen, Engagement Director, Finland

Hello, I’m Kirsi Parviainen and I am leading the Package Based Solutions Unit at Capgemini Finland. Packaged Based Solutions Unit consists of our SAP consultants and architects as well as our Insights & Data people.

Marjut Kytösalmi

Expert in Digital Marketing, Omni-channel User Experience

Pasi Mäkinen

Delivery Architect Director at Capgemini, Finland

Olli Sihvonen

Meet Olli Sihvonen, Expert in SAP

Simone Leggio

Director, Head Of Cloud and DevOps Practice, Application Services, Capgemini Finland