Cybersecurity: The New Source of Competitive Advantage for Retailers

New report explores how retailers can leverage cybersecurity to drive business value.

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Finance powered by intelligent automation

As the traditional boundaries within the C-suite change, how does the boardroom, and specifically the CFO, focus on the transformation required to introduce new business models and create more intimate, intelligent relationships with its end consumers?

Virtual Delivery Center

Faced with the huge costs of integrating multiple and discrete ERPs, businesses are opting for alternative options such as offshoring or limiting the levels of customer acquisition and retention.

S-ryhmä valitsi Capgeminin tietojärjestelmiensä ylläpitokumppaniksi

Sopimus kattaa S-ryhmän vähittäiskaupan ja avaintoimintojen sovellusten ylläpitopalvelut, joilla turvataan liiketoiminnalle kriittisten liiketoimintaprosessien jatkuvuus

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Digital Transformation

The secret ingredients of Stockholm’s start-up success

Stockholm has many factors that really make a difference. But for me it is mostly about sharing the “Too Young to Retire” factor. This is in the DNA of the Swedes

Five sales-enablement content challenges and how to solve them

Digital innovation has enabled organizations to produce different types of content spread across multiple delivery channels. If Sales is not using the content, what are they using and how are they succeeding?
analyticsbig dataBusiness IntelligenceUtilities

Utilities don’t have a big data problem—they have a big problem with data

Intelligent grids are collecting vast amounts of information but utilities need to determine how to tap into this business intelligence

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