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Redefining success: delivering against consumer expectations at speed and scale in the new era of connected commerce.

A dramatic shift in customer behaviors and expectations over the past two years has accelerated trends within the retail industry. As digital and physical channels merge and shoppers expect a connected experience across all touchpoints, retailers must enable a bold omni commerce strategy – underpinned by data, with technology and business processes that support a flexible, agile distribution and fulfillment network – to deliver on promises to today’s customer.

Reshaping the retail landscape

A look at consumers’ demand for everywhere commerce.

“As retailers face increased margin pressure from rising costs of talent, transportation, energy and more shifting markets, and price sensitivity among customers, organizations must embrace an insight-driven commerce strategy – one that favors adaptability, and optimization, to compete and win in the new era of connected commerce and delivery. Balancing experience, speed, and cost of service will be the key to success.”

Lindsey Mazza, Global Retail Lead

Serving the customer in an increasingly channel-less world.
We understand the industry-wide need to create a new engagement experience – one that connects all channels, meeting customers wherever they shop with a personalized, cohesive, consistent customer experience that drives commerce.

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Driving speed and affordability with the fulfillment network of the future.
We recognize that supply chain and fulfilment channels are strategic differentiators that can enhance the customer experience by enabling more choice, convenience and customization. 

Taking cost out of the supply chain, while enabling supply chain as a revenue growth engine.

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Leading the change we want to see for the future our customers expect.
We are proud to be at the forefront of purpose and sustainability, helping our retail clients frame sustainability as a catalyst for change and an opportunity create a competitive advantage.  

We’re driving affordable sustainability, the intersection of what’s right at the optimized cost. 

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Journey to the renewable enterprise.
Digital Core is a next-generation platform that brings together the technology, processes and operating model to sustain digital transformation and enable high speed innovation, while protecting mission-critical applications that run the business.

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    Smart retail planner

    A holistic approach to address some of the complex challenges retailers face today.

    What matters to the consumer

    As the world emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, many of the trends and changes in consumption patterns it sparked are set to stay.

    Cornershop, the store of the future

    The live store in London where customer engagement and retail are brought to life.

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      Meet our experts

      Mikko Nordlund

      Director, Capgemini Invent Sweden-Finland | Expert in Energy & Utilities, Retail, Consumer Products
      Mikko is Capgemini Invent’s Director in Finland with experience on Energy & Utilities, Retail and Consumer Products as well as Manufacturing. He is a seasoned management consultant with international project experience, and enjoys solving clients’ challenges, whether they are related to operations or strategy.

      Eemi Lappalainen

      Manager, Consumer Products & Retail, Capgemini Invent
      Eemi Lappalainen works as a Manager in the Consumer Products & Retail unit of Capgemini Invent. Eemi enjoys facilitating change and focuses on helping clients to improve operations and to succeed in agile transformation journeys.

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