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#FD4DIDigital Manufacturingiotsap

How to be more resilient to the changing market and develop products with lower risk

As in any sector, if you’re slow you’re nowhere in the discrete manufacturing industry. And with technology advancing at such a pace it’s never been more important to make digitalization a priority.
Applied Insights Center big data Big Data Analytics Predictive Analytics

Applied Insights Center

The Applied Insights Center (AIC) packages our deep insights & data experience and expertise into a highly customizable and commercially simple and future-enabled menu-driven approach to create a business-oriented solution for insights and business challenges.

Digital Transformation insurance Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation in insurance. How is it different from its predecessors?

“Unlike traditional automation, RPA has the potential to boost an insurer’s overall operational effectiveness with less investment, shorter cycle time, and higher short-term business value”

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Improving claims auditing with robotic process automation

RPA and RDA help in preventing claims leakage caused by human errors and improving claims audit process efficiency, thus fostering the insurer-customer relationship.
automationblockchainDigital Transformation

Blockchain will make our data safe and free from disputes

The dependency on central databases owned by an institution or a powerful body gives rise huge security threats to people as individuals as well as groups.

Why API-led architecture is important to drive digital transformation

API-led architecture is key to access, manage and secure the data from one single entry-point.

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