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Digital Engineering: The new growth engine for discrete manufacturers

Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

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World Wealth Report 2018

The World Wealth Report from Capgemini is the industry recognized benchmark for Wealth Management Trends. This year’s 22nd edition highlights the need for wealth management firms to accelerate hybrid transformation and transform budget approaches to deal with potential BigTech entry.

Security Operations Center

Almost all organizations will experience a data security breach this year. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference.

Amazon Alexa conversational commerce Voice Assistant

Voicing your way around

The use cases for a voice assistant in commerce are many. We found that nearly one in two consumers have a high interest in ordering meals, booking a taxi, or purchasing electronics using a voice assistant.

Latest from our Experts

Artificial IntelligenceMachine LearningValues/Ethics

Is being (purely) data driven unethical in a world of AI?

The possibility of creating thinking machines raises many ethical issues. If machines running on AI are not conscious, will they behave ethically?

Creating a segment of one

Marketers must leverage the power of insight-driven personalization and use a predictive or prescriptive approach to understand the needs and desires of customers
automationDigital TransformationFinancial Transformation

Watching the finance automation “Masters”

“Masters’” expectations of what they can achieve with automation are higher than those of their less advanced peers, or “Novices.”

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