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Helping our clients grow while building a more sustainable, more inclusive future is a tough ask. But when you join Capgemini, you join a thriving company and become part of a diverse global collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts who are all driven to use technology to reimagine what’s possible – and rewrite the future.

Together, we work to transform the world’s leading businesses and build a better future while always pushing ourselves to do better. Together, we build great careers and give innovation that human touch the world needs.

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Gender Diverse Recruitment

At Capgemini, inclusion is at the heart of who we are. We aim to create an environment where individuals who identify as trans and gender diverse feel supported, included and have the opportunity to succeed.

Capgemini and OUTfront recognise that for gender diverse individuals the recruitment process can be full of unique challenges and complexities. If you are considering working at Capgemini and this is a concern for you, reach out to our OUTfront member Wayne Marshall (

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