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Public sector

Governments and public sector organizations are addressing the great challenges of our time, from digital transformation to social justice, climate change, and post-pandemic recovery.

While unexpected crises demand an agile response, the day-to-day delivery of efficient, cost-effective public services must also be maintained. We’re working with governments and public sector organizations worldwide to meet this challenge by harnessing the potential of digital. Together, we deliver positive societal outcomes and mission-oriented innovation through citizen-centric design and technology.

Cloud, data and data ecosystems are also critical for achieving sustainability objectives. We provide both strategy and program management expertise, and enable better use of data to inform impactful change programs. Because digitalization raises important questions about sovereignty, we help clients navigate the complexity surrounding trust, security and privacy. As a trusted expert, we help clients make technology choices that put them in control of their digital futures.

What we do

For a long time, armed forces in Europe have managed logistics, supply inventories, wage payments, and personnel records through technology. Now, in the digital era, we connect ministries of defense to the new requirements of the data-driven world.

Groundbreaking new technology is positioning the health and social care sector to improve person-centered services along the care pathway. We partner across the industry with community care providers, hospitals, university clinics, and health ministries to help develop personalized care plans, both at home and in medical institutions.

Government agencies, federal ministries, city councils, and more are working to digitize processes and services for citizens and businesses. We help provide open data and high value datasets, biometric systems, e-government solutions, user-centered platforms, digital identities, and automated processing systems.

To help public security authorities deal with the digitization of crimes, new digital tools, and new forms of citizen interaction, we have developed a range of digital services to support them across the globe.

We help tax and customs authorities with digital transformation in areas including the operation of tax offices, tax claim management, the future of work, fraud detection, custom border management, risk assurance, regulation analytics, and HR operations such as talent management.

Welfare agencies are facing significant challenges, including aging populations, digital engagement, policy reform, and growing demand for welfare support. Our expertise includes social benefits attribution, welfare fraud detection, job matching technologies, intelligent case management, and cloud migration.

AI in the public sector

We help public sector organizations open new frontiers with artificial intelligence.

European voices

Public sector IT trends 2021-22

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization and innovation – but IT leaders are struggling with increasingly complex technology landscapes.

    Data to the people

    Open data, created and offered by public sector bodies as part of their day-to-day operations, offers new ways to innovate solutions for global and local challenges.

      Trends in public security 2021-22: A perspective from the Netherlands

      How safe do citizens in the Netherlands feel today, and how should organizations in the security domain respond to changing threats and new technologies?

        Building data bridges

        It’s time for public sector bodies to seize the open data opportunity to dramatically improve health, transportation, communications, education, and the economy.

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          Expert perspectives

          Meet our experts

          Göran Uggla

          Vice President, Head of Public Services
          Göran Uggla is an expert and a senior management consultant with in organizational governance, public services strategy and the digitalization of governmental services. He runs Capgemini Invents Public Services industry in Australia, Denmark and Finland and he is a sought after thought leader by clients in both the ministries of the government offices and central agencies.

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