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Master your data, and empower your organization.

With the world becoming increasingly intelligent and entire value chains being transformed, data is an essential source of understanding and insight. But it’s not enough to have the data, it needs to be reliable, and you need to know how to use it.
Our full-service portfolio, enables you to take advantage of the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI).  By becoming data-powered, your enterprise can adapt to the changing world and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Activate data. Augment intelligence. Amplify outcomes.

Dinara Kasko works with Capgemini to elevate her possible

Next-level ideas are on the menu with Customer Generative AI for Enterprise. We are partnering with Dinara Kasko, an amazing creative talent. Dinara is an architect-designer combining her skills with 3D printing and AI to create unique and mind-blowing patisserie.

    Generative AI

    We can help you cut through the hype and unlock substantial business value by leveraging the potential of Generative AI.

    Data for Net Zero

    Net zero intelligence supercharges your sustainability performance.

    Collaborative Data Ecosystems

    Succeed beyond your frontiers – the new tectonic shift in data is sharing.

    Do good with Data and AI

    Building positive futures for humans and society.

      Embracing the power of data to drive innovation is the way forward. In today’s data-powered world, businesses are harnessing the potential of data to unlock ground-breaking innovations and transform industries. Explore the emerging impact of data and AI on strategy, the perks and perils of generative AI, and the quest to activate data for sustainability and a better society.

      Expert perspectives

      Data and AI

      AI roundtable on sustainability

      Rajeswaran Viswanathan
      Jan 31, 2023
      Data and AI

      Your 2023 data strategy in four resolutions

      Sabina Shaikh
      Jan 17, 2023
      Data and AI

      Five ways to battle data waste

      Roosa Säntti,
      Sep 15, 2022

        Her story podcast series

        Incredible stories, straight from the heart.

        Teens in AI

        Inspiring the next generation of data and AI talent to shape the world of tomorrow.

          Meet our experts

          Thomas Svahn

          Head of Insights & Data, Australia
          “I have always been fascinated but the wonderful world of data & analytics and now more than ever. Over the last two decades the notion that data can really make a difference has really found its place in management teams and board rooms all over the world. That is something that not only concerns high tech giants but practically every organization, big or small, private or public. This is what I love about data & analytics. Not matter what business you are in, data can always help you and make a difference!”

          Roshan Gya

          Capgemini Invent
          I am leading the Global Intelligent Industry for Capgemini Invent. I am a Managing Director for Southern & Central Europe and India for Capgemini Invent. I have 15+ years of experience in consulting and have international expertise in Capex-intensive industries on complex large scale digital transformation at CEO / Board level.

          Pierre Fortier

          Principal Consultant @ Capgemini Invent
          I advise my clients, both telecom operators and industry players, in anticipating the impact of 5G and other innovative technologies on their value chain and business model, and building robust strategy and roadmap.

          Anne-Laure Thieullent

          Expert in Capgemini
          I advise Capgemini clients on how they should put Artificial Intelligence solutions to work for their organization. Choosing the right technology for the right usage is key, but how your company should change the way it acts around data is vital. My passion is to bring technology, business transformation and governance together and take our clients to where they want to be as Intelligent Entreprises, while cultivating the values of trust, privacy and fairness.