Life at Capgemini

Fun – Discover life at Capgemini

We believe in empowering employees to be the best versions of themselves, both at work and beyond. We explore the horizons beyond our desks across diverse activities such as soccer and rugby tournaments, historical explorations, annual events, social drives, and much more. Truly the Capgemini way!

Learning & Development – “We create workforce of the future”

A career at Capgemini is rewarding and ever-evolving. Learning & Development opportunities offered by the Capgemini University provide a robust platform to accelerate individual potential and expand horizons through our strategically designed learning programs. The core aim is not just to refine one’s technical knowledge but also to offer an overall development opportunity to take on more significant, challenging roles in life.

Diversity & Inclusion – “Our commitment”

Diversity forms an essential aspect of our work culture. This is evident from our pool of employees, who represent 120 nationalities and are fluent in over 100 languages. Expanding our horizons across experience, culture, ethnicity, work etiquette, personality, and communication, diversity accommodates the best of all worlds in its theory of one.



As a leader in digital transformation, we are also a responsible company working to ensure that technology and innovation drive sustainable and social development. We have strengthened this commitment to our employees, clients, and partners by leveraging three fundamental pillars: Diversity & Inclusion, Digital Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability. In this way, we serve as Architects of Positive Futures.

Our locations

Our workforce forms the core of Capgemini’s success. Employee-centric approaches are held in high regard. Meticulous attention is given to ensure the “live-work-play” balance is effectively maintained at each of our offices across 40 countries – a fact that’s reflected in our excellent infrastructure and the state-of-the-art campus that comprise hi-tech gymnasiums, hygienic cafeterias, child-care facilities, sprawled green spaces, among others. We believe devising such innovative techniques motivates exceptional results. It is leading to the achievement of the highest level of work satisfaction. This has made Capgemini a global player in the digital arena.