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Whether you’re in the early stages of your career or looking to move on to your next big role, at Capgemini you can stay true to who you are and develop your career in a way that works for you.

How can you get the future you want at Capgemini?

We offer you frameworks for personal development with clearly defined career progressions that give you the flexibility to take charge of your career. This includes the opportunity to take part in managerial training and career paths for future leaders with programs like Connected Manager that leverage the Harvard ManageMentor’s premium collection of digital learning modules, and Connect & Drive.

You also have the opportunity to build your skills and make a difference by working with a diverse team of experts across industries, technologies, and geographies. And we offer countless learning and development opportunities, with access to 250,000 courses with numerous external certifications, and the flexibility to work in the way that fits your needs thanks to innovative modes of collaboration and new ways of working.

An example of our programs

Created in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing, the Connected Manager program provides our managers with the skills, connections, tools, and support they need to deliver consistent people and team management.In 30 hours of learning across 4 months – delivered in a flexible framework that works for our people and their roles – the program changes participants’ mindsets, behaviors and practices.

Connect & Drive is a 10-month talent acceleration program for our top talent. Led by Capgemini University and sponsored by Group HR, it is an opportunity for high-potential managers to grow as​ individuals and leaders. The program facilitates their connections with the Group, the business at large, and their peers.

    Life at Capgemini

    Life at Capgemini is dynamic and fun. A career with freedom, and with opportunities.

    Learning and development

    We believe in the power of our people – and the vital role of learning and development in growing your potential.

        “We don’t just talk the talk we walk it.Whether it’s the seven values we have at Capgemini or our communities.”

        "We don't just talk the talk we walk it.Whether it’s the seven values we have at Capgemini or our communities."

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        "I have an early start every day getting up to wake up kids and get uniforms, lunches and supplies ready before school drop-offs before my workday even begins"
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            At Sogeti, we believe the best is inside every one of us. Whether you are early in your career or at the top of your game, we’ll encourage you to fulfill your potential to be better. 

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