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Changing customer behaviors and expectations, new regulations, digitization, and societal pressure for sustainability have introduced a host of new and, at times, competing priorities for all automotive players.

In this environment, automotive organizations must balance the need for new investments in software, data, and cloud while facing mounting pressure to cut costs and preserve cash. They must adapt the way they serve the customer, while maintaining traditional sales and service models. And they must form strategic partnerships to enable themselves, and the industry as a whole, to accelerate innovation and drive multiple transformations in parallel.

In an era of unprecedented disruption, success depends on automakers’ ability to orchestrate multiple changes, from software-driven transformation to the shift to sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. And this ability depends, in turn, on collaboration. For commercial vehicles and passenger cars alike, their ability to deal with the many difficult – and interconnected – disruptions they face depends on finding their place in a new global, digital ecosystem.

Automotive organizations today face unprecedented challenges. The question is: How will they get the future they want?

“The automotive industry is now grappling with greater disruption than at any time in its past – from the mobility services trend to supply chain issues and the growing concern and pressure regarding climate change. Future success depends on companies’ ability to embrace changes such as software-driven transformation and the shift towards sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. Collaboration is vital: Whether they’re making cars or commercial vehicles, OEMs need to work together in ecosystems that have the right talents and capabilities to take on today’s global challenges.”

Alexandre Audoin, Head of Global Automotive Industry, Capgemini, and Head of Automotive Industry, Capgemini Engineering

Get ready for Mondial de l’Auto, Paris

We will be present at Mondial de l’Auto, one of the largest automotive shows in the world, from 17 to 23 October, 2022.

Client stories

We join forces with Peugeot Sport

We have signed a multi-year partnership with Peugeot Sport to provide the PEUGEOT 9X8 FIA WEC program team with advanced digital tools.

Expert perspectives

Data and AI, Innovation, Sustainability, Technology

Data as the new sunshine

Dr. Rainer Mehl
Jun 22, 2022
Intelligent industry

Partnerships accelerating automotive transformation

Dr. Rainer Mehl
Jun 3, 2022

Congratulations to the Automotive News Europe rising stars of 2022

The winners of the ANE Rising Stars 2022 have been announced.

Meet our experts

Per Holmblad

Vice President, Automotive & Mfg, Capgemini Invent Australia-Finland
Per has 25 years of experience across the value chains of the automotive and manufacturing industries. His experience span strategy and business model impact on sustainability, decarbonization and climate action initiatives. Per leads the sustainability capability for Invent in the Nordics.

Håkan Erander

Head of Manufacturing, Automotive, and Life Science in Capgemini Invent Australia-Finland
Håkan is Capgemini Invent’s leader for our rapidly growing advisory business in Manufacturing, Automotive, and Life Sciences in Australia and Finland. Håkan has his background in automotive and has been a part of many challenging transformation programs in a sector which is changing faster than ever at the moment, on the industrial as well as the commercial side. Håkan’s key focus is on automotive retailing, distribution, and customer experience.

Frank Wammes

Global Account Executive
As former Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini Europe, Frank required deep knowledge in Technology in many industries, but got specific interest for Automotive. He currently acts as Global Account Executive for Geely Group, including brands as Volvo Cars, Polestar and Lynk&Co. With 25+ years in Capgemini, Frank is helping our clients discover the “Art of the Possible” and help identify opportunities that directly drive to improved bottom line!

John Sparrefors

Account Executive Geely Group Brands and Automotive and Manufacturing Expert
John Sparrefors is a Director at Capgemini and currently holds the position as Account Executive for Geely Group Brands, including brands such as Lynk & Co, Polestar and Lotus Cars. Furthermore, John is an automotive and manufacturing SME with a niche skillset on the Chinese automotive market; having lived in China for 3 years, being the Head of Nordic Automotive and Manufacturing sector in Asia Pacific.

Martin Henrysson

Account Executive Automotive, Manufacturing & Logistics
Martin Henrysson has been working globally in the Automotive domain for more than 13 years, supporting Automotive clients in their strategic and digital transformation. Martins main focus area is Intelligent industry and how to help our clients drive end-to-end software driven transformations, leveraging new technology and innovation.

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