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Software in Automotive

Capgemini can empower you to rethink your business around software.

In today’s automotive industry, software is migrating from the periphery of vehicles to the driver’s seat. At the same time, the industry focus is shifting from products to services.

The concept of software-driven mobility is already redefining the global automotive industry. But that’s just the start of this software-defined transformation in automotive.

Increasingly, not only vehicles, but also organizational structures, processes, methods, and tools are being defined, designed, and operated by software.

Every stage of the end-to-end value chain is affected by software-defined transformation. And it’s also changing expectations – those of manufacturers, regulators, and end-customers.

Driving the Future podcast

In the ever-evolving world of automotive, the role of software is increasing rapidly. In this episode of Driving the Future, we turn to the Automotive News Europe podcast where, as part of their episode of the “Rising Stars Speak” series, Bosch’s Jurgen Mueller and our very own Kai Oliver Schaeffer discuss the increasing role of software in vehicles, from enhancing automated driving to redefining the driving experience.

Join us as we uncover how AI, data collection, and partnerships are shaping the future of the automotive industry.

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We enable software-defined transformation for automotive leaders

Capgemini knows how to help automotive players seize software-defined transformation’s opportunities and overcome its challenges. Utilizing our deep industry expertise across the whole value chain – spanning IT, digital, and engineering – we can empower you to develop the software platform you need, and create the mobility ecosystem of the future, with people at its heart.

Automotive companies need to attend to three broad aspects of software-defined transformation:

  • Accelerating transformation into a software company
  • Setting the foundation for software excellence
  • Establishing high standards of software efficiency

We are strongly positioned to help with all three.

Software driven mobility

Empowering you to deliver the mobility experience that users are expecting by accelerating the pivot towards a Software-centric organization.

Meet our experts

Jean-Marie Lapeyre

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Global Automotive Industry, Capgemini
Jean-Marie Lapeyre works with automotive clients to develop and launch actionable technology strategies to help them succeed in a data- and software-driven world.

Alexandre Audoin

Head of Global Automotive Capgemini Group & Head of Automotive Capgemini Engineering
Alexandre Audoin is Capgemini Group’s global leader for the automotive industry and head of automotive within Capgemini Engineering (formerly Altran). Alexandre maintains a special focus on the creation of Intelligent Industry, helping clients master the end-to-end software-driven transformation and do business in a new way through technologies like 5G, Edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jayashree Ravichandran

VP and Software Leader – Automotive, Capgemini Engineering
Jayashree works with Automotive Clients to accelerate software transformation, developing on-vehicle and off board solutions and integration from the car to the cloud. A Certified Architect, by training, Jayashree is a trusted advisor to internal and customer teams at all levels, working with Customer executive teams to effect transformation, and with technical teams to architect, design solutions to drive product quality and yield, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Jiani Zhang

Chief Software Officer at Capgemini Engineering

Eric Dalla-Vecchia

Vice President – Intelligent Industry Accelerator
Eric brings over two decades of invaluable experience in the automotive sector, having held key R&D management roles within both OEMs and suppliers. At Capgemini Automotive, Eric spearheads the management of portfolios, strategies, and partnerships within the Intelligent Industry Accelerator. Eric’s expertise lies in orchestrating software-based transformative journeys for industry OEMs and Tier1 software entities.

Nicolas Rousseau

Executive Vice-President, Capgemini Engineering Group Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services
Rousseau’s role with Capgemini focuses on intelligent industry, working with companies to develop a holistic view of products, software, data, and services to improve customer interaction, business operations, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains.