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Driving automation

Data-centric transformation includes the use of intelligent products and systems, intelligent operations, and intelligent support and services. We help clients innovate and differentiate in this dynamic space.

Fully autonomous driving, one of the key outcomes of the intelligent industry, is on its way. But reaching that goal is still complex. Achieving acceptable levels of safety and reliability will need substantial verification and validation activity, requiring billions of kilometers of road tests, generating big data at scales rarely seen, and requiring infrastructure and analytics to process it.

Capgemini can help automotive manufacturers plot the roadmap for their autonomous car development, by putting in place the architecture and technology required to build confidence in the system, and guarantee safety.

 Drive the Future Podcast

No single company can know or do everything that they need, given the increasing complexity of the automotive world and the drive for sustainability. In this episode of Driving the Future, we turn things over to the Automotive News Europe podcast, where as part of their episode of Rising Star Speak series, Host Luca Ciferri from Automotive News Europe talks with Virginie Maillard, Head of Technology U.S. and Head of Simulation & Digital Twin Field at Siemens and Alexandre Audoin Executive Vice President, Head of Automotive Industry, Capgemini group, about technological disruptions, intelligent operations and the metaverse’s impact on the automotive industry.

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Driving automation systems validation

We make autonomous vehicle development and driving safe – powered by data.

We provide end-to-end support in advanced driving automation systems validation and verification as follows.

We build and manage data sets for training vehicle algorithms based on both simulations and real-world data, and implement autonomous and safety functions in all vehicles.

We help OEMs and other players address legal responsibility issues relating to the data and systems developed through the validation and verification process used in autonomous driving technology.

And we provide extensive experience in 5G, one of the core technologies that will enable autonomous driving on public roads, from building the infrastructure, to designing and manufacturing vehicles with 5G technology embedded in them.

    Advanced Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Systems

    By 2030, 15% of cars sold are forecasted to be fully autonomous. And we are partnering with automotive innovators to win the ADAS race.

    Intelligent Industry

    The next era of digital transformation is characterized by a growing convergence of product, software, data, and services across all industries.

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