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Supply chain

Resiliency and sustainability are redefining the global automotive supply chain

Changing customer expectations are rapidly strengthening the case for automotive supply chain sustainability.

The resultant shift to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing is driving a transformation of the automotive supply chain, as OEMs race to source raw materials and technology for batteries, microchips, and other electronic components. At the same time, the automotive supply chain needs to evolve to address vulnerabilities highlighted by the pandemic and by the current situation in Eastern Europe.

Leading companies are adopting a digital approach to dealing with automotive industry supply chain disruption. They realize that digital transformation can help them create a foundation of data to better understand how their supply chain is performing and move closer to their goals.

Read the in-depth study now (Sponsored by Capgemini)

To help clients identify winning strategies for transforming their automotive supply chain, Capgemini has sponsored a paper from IDC, which draws on research including IDC North America’s Auto Consumer Survey 2022 and IDC 2022 Supply Chain Survey.

The resultant thought leadership is now available to download in the form of an IDC Spotlight. Among other conclusions, the paper suggests that:

  • With increasing dependency on new and emerging vendors, it is crucial for OEMs to have enhanced visibility across all supply chain and logistics activities.
  • The push for resilience demands an evidence-based approach to make pragmatic decisions where trade-offs are understood and effectively communicated across partner networks.
  • Digital transformation makes complex and evolving global supply chains connected, intelligent, and secure.

“By maturing their approach to supply chain management in the automotive industry, leading organizations are reaching a position where the supply chain is recognized as a value creator rather than just a cost center. This achievement depends, above all, on using advanced processes and technology to deliver end-to-end visibility, and to add intelligence to the organization through data-enabled decision-making.”

Roshan Batheri, Automotive Industry Leader North America at Capgemini Americas

Capgemini and the automotive supply chain

Capgemini has deep experience in all aspects of supply chain management in the automotive industry, and also in other industries that are at the cutting edge of supply chain, such as aerospace. We have worked extensively with our automotive clients (mostly global OEMs and Tier 1s) to optimize their decision-making processes to deal with recent and current disruptions. Relevant capabilities here include our combination of engineering and IT knowledge and experience, plus our ability to integrate IT and OT using APIs. We are therefore ideally placed to help you decide how your own automotive supply chain must evolve.

For more information on sustainability in automotive supply chain, please contact us:

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