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Aveva Unveiling impact

Unveiling impact

How industrial software advances net-zero ambitions

“Industrial software can profoundly accelerate reductions in water use, energy consumption, and total emissions. This results in a significant twin benefit: expenditure optimization and environmental preservation.”

Nicolas Clinckx, Head of Manufacturing, Capgemini Invent France

Capgemini Invent and AVEVA lay the foundation of a new sustainability impact methodology

Accelerating energy costs, geopolitical disruption, and systemic climate change have put industries worldwide under unprecedented pressure. They need to accelerate the decarbonization of facilities by implementing new measures that reduce emissions and waste, but without sacrificing operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Operational and sustainability goals are inextricably linked, and the transformative power of industrial software can provide a win-win for both.

In order to help clients, gain insights into the enhanced value of industrial software, AVEVA partnered with Capgemini Invent to conduct a study and develop a methodology that will measure and calculate the sustainability impact from industrial software implementations.

Our study built a quantitative understanding of the environmental impact of industrial software by examining use cases across process design, operations execution, and asset performance prediction.  Leveraging our new methodology, we explore how three industries with great potential for change can gain improvement benefits in energy efficiency and decarbonization: Chemicals, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing (including Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals).

Industrial software is a key lever to connect insights and augment decisions. It enables organizations to optimize operations and boost efficiency, thus reducing environmental impacts of industrial activities and contributing to enterprise sustainability goals.

Given the pressing need to move faster on global decarbonization, both Capgemini Invent and AVEVA are committed to driving continuous enhancement and adoption of industrial software to accelerate a regenerative future.

Discover how industrial software can become a win-win for your organization and advance your net-zero ambitions.

Are you interested in how sustainability impact analysis can be used to drive your Net Zero strategy?

Meet our Experts

Nicolas Clinckx

Head of Manufacturing, Capgemini Invent France
5 years in Business Planning and Ops Transformation for the International divisions of Suez (Canada & UK). More than 25 years in Strategy and Business consulting (Oliver Wyman, EY Parthenon, Capgemini Invent), working on Strategy and Digital transformation for leaders of Manufacturing (Process & Discrete) and Energy, Environmental and Technical services players : supporting them on their Growth agenda, Target Operating Model, Ops improvement programs and Sustainable transformation.