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CapStars 3.0

Celebrating the stars among us!

Not all heroes wear capes, but at Capgemini, our pursuit for such heroes gave birth to CapStars!

CapStars is a platform that shines a light on the remarkable feat of our colleagues. It recognizes those employees of Capgemini in India who have travelled the extra mile—a talent, a passion, an incredible achievement or even an inspiring life journey—beyond their professional work.

    Arijit Sen – Quizmaster

    He is a quizzing champion. He has taken his passion for quizzing to the next level by becoming a quizmaster and infecting others with knowledge.

    Isha Badachikar – Google Maps Connect Moderator  

    She is a two-time winner of Google’s Guiding Star award and is named an ‘Inclusive Mapper’ for her contribution to Google Maps.

    Kairav Shah – Wildlife Photographer

    He truly loves nature. His passion for nature drove him to become an ornithologist and a wildlife photographer.

    Kamalesh Mohan – Citizen Space Scientist

    He pursued his curiosity and passion for outer space with NASA’s Asteroid Discovery Campaign. He has identified seven asteroids.

    Muthukumar C. – Silambam Professional

    He is a professional Silambam artist, master, and referee. Silambam is an ancient form of martial arts that originated centuries ago in Tamil Nadu.

    Narendra Vaishampayan – Social Crusader   

    He took up the humongous task of bringing in structured sanitation to largely unorganized rural areas, exemplifying the motto of small steps today yield big impact tomorrow.

    Neha Saxena – Table Tennis Champion

    She won her first national table tennis tournament at the age of eight. Since then, she has never stopped playing the sport. She is now a three-time bronze medallist at the nationals.

      People are at the heart of Capgemini, and they embody our seven values of boldness, trust, modesty, freedom, team spirit, honesty, and fun. CapStars celebrates people’s stories of hard work, determination, consistency, and resilience. Stories of people—academic geniuses, sportspersons, actors, travellers, comedians, and many more—who enrich Capgemini’s diverse and inclusive culture.

        Rahul Ramesh Vaidya – Health Coach

        He is a health coach, a fitness enthusiast, a triathlete, and an ultra-marathon runner. He believes in making health a habit.

        Sanjiv Srinivasan – Standup Comedian

        He has journeyed from being a theatre actor to a stand-up comedian. “Laughter is the best medicine” is his life mantra.

        Sumana Sarkar – Cancer Survivor, Traveler 

        She stood bravely in the face of death – not once, but twice. Her story personifies grit and will power, with which she has fought all the odds.

        Suresh Kumar Ramaswamy – Cycling Enthusiast

        He is an ultra-marathon runner, a cyclist, and an environmentalist. He inspires a path to fitness and sustainable lifestyle.

        Thilagavathy Ramasamy – Academic Wonder

        “Education is the most powerful weapon one can have,” believes Thilagavathy. She is the first woman from her village to become an engineer.

        Valerian Menezes – Medical Marvel, Life Conqueror, Entertainer

        He is a passionate emcee captivating audiences with his charm. He is a musician, an actor, and above all, has high spirit for life. His journey of life in the face of adversity is truly awe-inspiring.

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