From Trash to Treasure

Create a Brighter, More Sustainable Future

At Capgemini Portugal we believe that the future of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to taking action to protect the environment and ensure a better tomorrow.

Environmental needs are at the forefront of society’s concerns, and with this in mind, Capgemini has partnered with the River Cleanup and Brigada do Mar association to help mitigate the impact of human life on the environment. Using the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean as their canvas, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work cleaning the river banks to address one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today: pollution.

The River Cleanup event was not just about removing trash, plastics, and other debris, but also about taking a stand for the environment, creating a more sustainable future for everyone. We celebrate the inspiring efforts of these volunteers and the impact they had on the environment and in the community.

Our action at the event

Aiming to raise awareness for the generation of waste that increases marine pollution, for the preservation of our coasts and contribute to cleaner and healthier ecosystems, last May 5th we joined River Cleanup and Sea Brigade for a cleanup action on the banks of the Tagus River, in Trafaria.

Before the event, the river banks were littered with trash, plastics, and other debris. We worked together as a team to make a real impact on the environment.

The volunteers worked tirelessly to pick up the litter and clean up the coast. We managed to collect an impressive amount of trash, including cigarette butts, glass bottles, cotton swab sticks, various plastics, styrofoam, fishing nets, furniture and other non-biodegradable materials.

These types of events are important to take a stand for the environment and are crucial for creating a more sustainable future. By working together and taking action, we can help protect the environment and wildlife for future generations.


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