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Redefining success: delivering against consumer expectations at speed and scale in the new era of connected commerce.

A dramatic shift in customer behaviors and expectations over the past two years has accelerated trends within the retail industry. As digital and physical channels merge and shoppers expect a connected experience across all touchpoints, retailers must enable a bold omni commerce strategy – underpinned by data, with technology and business processes that support a flexible, agile distribution and fulfillment network – to deliver on promises to today’s customer.

“As retailers face increased margin pressure from rising costs of talent, transportation, energy and more shifting markets, and price sensitivity among customers, organizations must embrace an insight-driven commerce strategy – one that favors adaptability, and optimization, to compete and win in the new era of connected commerce and delivery. Balancing experience, speed, and cost of service will be the key to success.”

Lindsey Mazza, Global Retail Lead

    Unprecedented disruption – unparalleled opportunity

    We’ll be joining 275 speakers at Shoptalk 2023 to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing retailers.

    Smart retail planner

    A holistic approach to address some of the complex challenges retailers face today.

    What matters to today’s consumer

    Consumer sentiment has shifted dramatically, check out the 2023 edition of our flagship CRI report to discover the newest consumer trends.

    Cornershop, the store of the future

    The live store in London where customer engagement and retail are brought to life.

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      Meet our experts

      Richard Grave

      Vice President, Head of Consumer Products and Retail, Capgemini Invent Sweden, Denmark and Finland
      Richard Grave is the Head of Consumer Products and Retail Industry at Capgemini Invent, the innovation, design and transformation powerhouse of Capgemini, in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. He brings over 25 years of strategy and management consulting experience to our clients.

      Magnus Höjman

      Nordic Chief Sales Officer
      Magnus Höjman is the Nordic Chief Sales Officer and also leads part of the Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution (CPRD) Swedish practice, a portfolio that includes major grocery retail, fashion, restaurant, consumer products, and distribution brands.

      Björn Dahlqvist

      Vice President and Group Account Executive IKEA
      Björn is the Group Account Executive for IKEA PACE account covering its three main parts, i.e. INGKA (Retail), Inter IKEA (Consumer Products) and IKANO (Financial Services). He has over more than two decades of experience demonstrated a global mindset, strong drive, and a combined business and technology focus.

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