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Intelligent industry


We have entered the next era of digital transformation, characterized by a growing number of services across all industries fostering synergies between the digital and engineering worlds to help companies build intelligent products and operations, at scale.

At Capgemini, we call this ‘Intelligent Industry’. This podcast will explore different aspects of this fascinating journey by zooming in on different topics with the help of industry guests and experts.

Hosts are Caroline Segerstéen Runervik, CEO of Capgemini Nordics & Fredrik Gunnarsson, Head of Intelligent Industry in Capgemini Nordics.

Fredrik has been to Hannover Messe and shares his insights and “live interviews” with Volvo, SKF, and Unity. One of the keynote speakers from Hannover, Pierre Bagnon, Global Head of Intelligent Industry at Capgemini, is a guest in this episode. He’s commenting on Hannover Messe and gives in-depth knowledge about the re-industrialization trend

Episode 2: Next step for mankind? – w. Åsa Fast-Berglund, Stena Recycling

What will be the next step after Industry 4.0? With a PhD in Automation and Digitalization, Åsa Fast-Berglund is applying her extensive knowledge and cutting-edge insights as a Development Portfolio Manager at Stena Recycling – an industry that faces a new way of doing things.

Episode 1: Intelligence from the car industry w. Håkan Samuelsson, Polestar

How has the no 1 industry in Sweden (and globally) adjusted to the extremely rapid changes in competition in recent years and the years to come? Former CEO of Volvo Cars and Chair of Polestar, Håkan Samuelsson is sharing his opinions and what challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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