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Intelligent decision-making for engaged customer experience.

Customer experience has always been about understanding what customers want. In a digital world, in which people expect engaging, personalized journeys, it is more important than ever to provide this experience, but in real-time. 

Pega is the leader in cloud software platforms for real-time decisioning based customer engagement, with acknowledged strengths in case management and artificial intelligence.

Capgemini specializes in shaping digital transformation to individual business needs. Together, we make use of powerful automation, of smart, actionable data insight, and of seamlessly interconnected front-end systems and back-end operations. 

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How we can help

Capgemini and Pega have enjoyed a 15-year history of consistent, award-winning performance and delivery. Together, we help citizens find jobs, transform lending operations for banks, improve customer retention, and have won praise for our work in Smart Grants Management. Together we have revolutionized operations for many world-leading organizations in manufacturing, automotive, and life sciences. 

Our expertise and technology will help your organization to predict consumer needs and personalize every interaction to redefine the customer experience.  

What we offer

Our teams help you realize the full value of the Pega platform.

With real-time insights and data-led customer engagement, you can meet the experience and reporting demands of today’s digital world.

Pega BPM is the leading platform for business transformation initiatives and process improvement programs.

Capgemini and Pega have jointly developed a Capgemini agile framework for Pega (CAF4P) methodology, which improves and innovates in workflow efficiency, while maintaining a customer focus.

5G is paving the way for the Factory of the Future, delivered flexibly, cost-effectively and at scale.

Capgemini and Pega will help you navigate the challenges of this revolution, with cutting-edge solutions to bring your business into the intelligent world.

With a decade-long history of award-winning Pegasystems partnership performance, we’re thrilled to reach this status in the new Pega Partners program.

World Insurance Report 2021

Reimagining distribution with Pega Care: Are insurers future-ready?

Our sector expertise

Technology isn’t one-size-fits-all. We work with Pega to develop solutions for key industry sectors such as financial services, pubilc sector, telecommunications, and media and entertainment – and we make them specific to our clients’ needs. Our domain expertise, consulting capabilities, and technical skills help to make customer interactions high-value, relevant, and personal.

Financial services

We provide an optimal, personalized customer experience in banking, capital markets, and insurance, with Pega’s market-leading low cloud platform.

    Public sector

    We leverage Pegasystems technology to modernize and streamline legacy processes, providing transparency, expediting processes, and reducing costs for the public sector. 

      Telecoms, and media and entertainment

      We leverage Pegasystems technology to gain efficiency, and achieve customer satisfaction through real-time insights that help users and operators take the next best action for their calls.

        Awards and recognition

        2021 Client Innovation in Digital Transformation

        Capgemini was presented with the award in recognition of its innovation delivered at one of the world’s largest network manufacturer.