Podcast: Firmy tworzone w chmurze versus firmy o ugruntowanej pozycji na rynku: co jest najlepszym wyznacznikiem sukcesu?

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What differentiates born-in-the-cloud companies from established ‘legacy’ enterprises?

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, in this episode technology journalist Charlotte Jee discusses the strengths and weaknesses of both sets of businesses and what they can learn from the other with Capgemini cloud experts Betsey Gage and Kees Birkhoff.

On the one hand, we have companies constrained by years of attachment to less-flexible, on-premise technology but striving to increase their agility through cloud. On the other, we have fast-moving start-ups looking to challenge the incumbents through a DevOps mentality, using software and data to act, react and innovate at speed. So, which group is best set for success?

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Featured experts

Betsey Gage – Senior Manager, Cloud Services, Capgemini

Kees Birkhoff – Cloud and Cybersecurity Leader for Europe, Capgemini

To learn more, read The automation advantage report.

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