Zmień swoją przyszłość dzięKi generatywnej sztucznej inteligencji

Generative AI (Gen AI) and other forms of Artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new opportunities to reshape the future.

In the world of the data economy, organizations are embracing new landscapes of connectivity, interactions, and creations. 

To stay ahead in their industry, they are combining data with artificial intelligence, to explore new ways of working, producing, consuming and communicating – reshaping our future. Generative AI, with its extraordinary potential, is the new contributor to this shake-up.

But how can we experience the full transformational benefits of AI while remaining ethical, protecting society and the planet, and creating a more sustainable, trustworthy, and better future for everyone?

This collection highlights the possibilities of our AI future.

Latest report: Generative AI in organizations

Harnessing the value of generative AI: Top use cases across industries.

Generative AI

Organizations view generative AI not as a
disruptor, but as an accelerator

Lessons from executives surveyed in Capgemini Research Institute’s report: Generative AI in Organizations
96% executives in our survey cite generative AI as a hot topic of discussion in their respective boardrooms
74% of executives believe the benefits of generative AI outweigh the associated risk
67% of executives see the most potential for generative AI in the IT function.

Applied AI


A case for context awareness in artificial intelligence

AI for good


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