Podcast: Blockchain – Beyond Bitcoin

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‚blockchain’? It is important to separate the platform from the technology and its use-cases. Blockchain has applications in many industries, and in this podcast, we explore some of them.

Blockchain is a technology that has been around for more than 10 years now, yet it’s applications are limited. More importantly, businesses are still struggling to realize the importance of the technology, and how it can be used to deliver value.

In this episode moderated by Frank Wammes, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini Europe speaks to John-Paul Thorbjornsen, Co-Founder and CEO of CanYa, and Duncan Cameron, an expert in blockchain from Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange in Melbourne.

A well-known concept of economic theory is the ‚tragedy of the commons’ – which is used to indicate that when a group of strangers are given a shared resource, they will act in their individual self-interest, and consquently the shared resource will deplete very fast. John-Paul explains how blockchain can provide a solution to this problem.

Featured experts:

John-Paul Thorbjornsen

Co-Founder and CEO, CanYa



Duncan Cameron

Blockchain expert, AIE Melbourne




Frank Wammes

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini Europe



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