Inventive Shopping

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Enable your customers to shop clever and experience better.

Client issues

As customer preferences rapidly shift and new entrants disrupt the market it becomes imperative for retailers to reexamine their value propositions and the experiences they provide. It’s an increasingly customer-centric retail-scape and shoppers know it – they’ve come to expect, rather than hope for, a seamless experience, and they want their loyalty and trust to be earned.

To earn this loyalty, retailers need to offer new experiences across multiple channels as consumer expectations evolve.

Our approach

Inventive Shopping is our unique vision for clients to think inventively and reflects the seismic shifts that are happening in retailing. We help retailers create new experiential spaces that encapsulate their customer strategies and propositions, unlock customer value, optimize staff potential and build strategic capabilities. Inventive Shopping addresses six essential shifts in retailing, helping you:

  • To create personalized experiences
  • To launch new channels
  • To deliver greater choice
  • To re-evaluate the power and value of data
  • To empathize with your customers’ values
  • To redefine and orchestrate new value chains.


Inventive Shopping brings unique solutions to all of the above – enabling world-leading brands to identify real issues, build solutions and deploy them at scale. Join us to reimagine the business of shopping and bring to life what’s next.

Inventive Shopping

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Meet our experts

Steve Hewett

Expert in CRM, Customer Experience Design, Digital Operating Model, Ecommerce