Decoding the vaccine supply chain

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In January 2020, a COVID-19 vaccine didn’t exist. Yet, in an astonishing feat, vaccinations are already underway. Tune in to our podcast to hear how the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated drug development and impacted global supply chains.

Drug development timeframes have been shattered. How has this been achieved? Will it change the face of global drug distribution for good? Join Kate Broderick and Eliza Silvester in our Future Sight podcast as they share extraordinary insights into the development of COVID-19 vaccines with show host Ollie Judge.

From clinicians and scientists, to manufacturers, logistics organizations and government, the race to a vaccine has been fast and furious. Yet, despite the promise, many people remain hesitant, even unwilling to be vaccinated. So, the scientific community and governments must find a way to allay their concerns.

Globally, the rollout of new vaccines will also need to take account of regional differences. Where transport and storage at ultra-low temperatures is achievable in one region, it might not be in another. Digital transformation too has accelerated in both manufacturing and supply, with some exciting innovations supporting the vaccine rollout.

Tune in to our podcast for Kate and Eliza’s pragmatic, yet hopeful, perspective as they say that lessons learned from this pandemic will make the response to any future outbreak more efficient, focused, and fast.

About the speakers

Dr. Kate Boderick

Dr. Kate Boderick

Dr. Kate Broderick is responsible for driving the development of a DNA vaccine for COVID-19 in her position as Senior VP, Preclinical R&D at Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. She is a co-inventor on multiple patents related to DNA vaccine delivery and has served as a principal investigator on grants, awards, and contracts from leading government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.


Eliza Silvester

Eliza Silvester

Eliza Silvester leads the Life Sciences business at Capgemini Invent North America. She has worked in the Life Sciences sector for more than 15 years and is the subject matter expert for pharmacovigilance/regulatory compliance. In the current global landscape, she is also Capgemini Invent’s SME for COVID-19 thought leadership in Life Sciences.


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