Cognitive Control Towers

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How consumer-products organizations can improve stability and resiliency through dynamic control-tower capabilities.

For the modern consumer-products company, a next generation cognitive control tower is more than a logistical tool. It is a crucial link between the supply-ecosystem strategy and day-to-day operations. Drawing data from across the organization, this capability creates a complete view of the supply network, its performance, health, and viability. By extension, the cognitive control tower is a forward-looking capability, leveraging data-driven insights and cognitive technologies to enable better decision-making, predict future events, and automate responses to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Through this whitepaper series, we aim to help organizations rethink both the traditional supply chain and its underlying components. We encourage readers to review the other papers in this series – The death of the supply chain and Continuous, touchless planning – as well as our forthcoming point of view on manufacturing 4.0 to learn more about how to better manage the challenges and identify latent opportunities of this new environment.

At Capgemini, we work with clients on a strategic level, helping them increase the maturity of the foundational elements of a control tower and build cross-functional advantages in time, cost, and quality. Read our latest white paper to explore how our expertise has helped our clients achieve an array of benefits through a cognitive control.

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